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Scam Victim Stories

  • Jennifer's Story - Dating and Money Laundering Scam
    Jennifer inadvertently became involved in a scam designed to trick her into laundering the proceeds of crime.

  • Jane's Story - Dating Scam
    A scammer who claimed that he had a contract to build a bridge in the UK tried to trick Jane into handing over her banking details, supposedly so that he could use it to deposit a large sum of money into her account.

  • Richard's Story - Overpayment Scam
    Richard thwarted a criminal who attempted to involve him in an overpayment scam.

  • Jill's Story - Romance, Fraud and Money Laundering Scam
    Jill met a man via Facebook who built a relationship with her over several months. However, when the man asked for money and requested that she accept cheques into her bank account and wire him the proceeds via Western Union, Jill became suspicious and was able to identify him as a scammer.

  • Andy's Story - Dating Scam
    Andy lost almost £18,000 to a woman who he met on an Internet dating website.

  • Nora's Story - Dating Scam
    Nora was scammed out of several thousand Euro by a man who claimed to be a contractor working on a large project in Ghana.

  • Carol's Story - Dating Scam
    Carol was almost scammed by a man she met on a Christian dating site. The scammer claimed that he attended her church but was currently working overseas building an oil platform.

  • Marcia's Story - Google Checkout Vehicle Sale Scam
    Marcia was very nearly taken in by a scam in which a criminal sent her a fake Google Checkout Transaction message in an effort to trick her into sending £4,000 for a campervan that the criminal did not even possess.

  • Tekeisha's Story - Identity Theft
    Tekeisha had her identity stolen after she was tricked into supplying personal and financial information via a fake PayPal email.

  • Imelda's Story - Dating Scam
    Imelda was tricked into sending money to a man calling himself James who pretended to be a successful structural engineer working in Scotland.

  • William's Story - Stranded Friend Begging Message Scam
    William was tricked into giving his credit card details to criminals. The scammers sent a message purporting to be from a good friend of William's that claimed that the friend had been robbed and needed help to get home.

  • Teresa's Story - Dating Scam
    Teresa was scammed of $33,500 over the Internet by a man calling himself Paul who claimed to be a Civil Engineer from The Netherlands.

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