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Sgt. Joey Jones Nigerian Scam

The message shown below is a real example of a Nigerian or 419 Scam. The message promises the recipient a share in a large sum of money in exchange for transferring funds. According to the message, Sgt. Joey Jones, a US soldier stationed overseas, has procured money belonging to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and needs help to move the money out of the country. Recipients who initiate a dialogue with the scammer by replying to this message will eventually be asked for advance fees supposedly required to allow the deal to proceed. They may also become the victims of identity theft.

If you receive this or a similar message, DO NOT reply. If you have already replied, DO NOT comply with subsequent requests to send money or provide personal information.

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The name used in this scam email may not be the real name of the criminal responsible. The scammer may have used the name without permission or simply made it up. There may be a number of people in the world who share this name and are in no way involved with any sort of fraudulent activity. Therefore, the name included here is used solely to identify this particular scam message and is NOT intended to identify any actual person, living or dead.

Example of the Sgt. Joey Jones Nigerian Scam message:
FROM: Sgt. Joey Jones
Important Message

Dear Sir,

Good day to you
My name is Joey Jones i am an American soldier, i am serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq. I am now in Kuwait in the mean time, I and my partner moved funds belonging to Saddam Hussein, the total is (Twenty Five million US dollars) this money is being kept safe in a security company. Click on this link to read about even that took place here:

Basically since we are working for the American government we cannot keep these funds, but we want to transfer and move the funds to you, so that you can keep it for us in your safe account or an offshore account.

We will divide the total funds in three ways, since we are 3 that is involved. This means that you will take 30 percent, I wil! l take 30 percent, and my partner will take 30 percent. 10 percent will be kept aside for expenses. This business is confidential, and it should not be discussed with anyone.

There is no risk involved whatsoever. If you are interested I will send you the full details, my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us. Can i trust you? When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication also your contact details.

This business is risk free. Please reply me via this email:, and

Respectfully submitted
Sgt. Joey M. Jones

Published: 12th September 2006

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen