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Software Reviews - Recommended Software

I only review and recommend software that I have personally used and found to be outstanding in its field. All software I recommend has been checked for spyware and viruses and has proven to be reasonably stable on my Microsoft Windows based computers.

However, one person's meat is another's poison. Although I have found a particular program to be excellent, you may find that it does not suit your needs at all.

Moreover, it is impossible to guarantee that any software I recommend will work as well for you as it has for me. There are just too many variables to make such a guarantee viable. Therefore, I cannot take any responsibility for problems that you may encounter due to the use of software that I have reviewed.

Before installing any software from the Internet, you should:

Tip: Effectively Managing Your Software Downloads

For a while now I've been using a system of managing downloads that I feel is quite effective, especially if you download a lot of software.

First of all, I have a parent folder on my C drive that I call "AAADownloads" so that it stays at the top in Windows Explorer for easy access.

Every time I download a program, I create a new sub-folder within this parent folder that has the same name as the software I'm downloading.

Normally I store all the files and folders associated with the software in this sub-folder. I also create a plain text software log for each download that records the following information.

**Download Date:
**Install Date:
**Installation Report:

To save time, I have a template file set up so I can just fill in the blanks and save the resulting file to the new program's sub-folder.

I find that it can be really useful to have all the information and files you need for a program in an easily accessible and well-organized location.