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Start a Spam Account - Spam Control Tip

A simple but effective spam control measure is to create a secondary, "spam" email account.

A "spam account" (by my definition) is simple a spare email address that is used anywhere that requires you to provide your email address, for example to download software, sign up for newsletters and the like. Once I've decided that a company or newsletter can be trusted not to spam me, I change my account details to my main email address. If the spam account starts to accumulate too much junk, I just dump it and get a new one. I've found this to be quite an effective method of spam control, although you need to be stringent in always only using your spam account for non-trusted sites.

Of course, this tactic is most effective if you start using your spam account at the same time you start using your primary account. Once your email address is on spam lists, it's probably going to stay there for the duration.

If your ISP provides extra email addresses as part of your package, you could set up one of those as your spam account. Otherwise, you could use a free account such as Hotmail or Yahoo.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen

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