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Bogus Facebook Offer Pages Abound

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Published on 2nd July 2010 by Brett M. Christensen

An increasing number of Facebook pages are springing up that are designed to push people to visit very suspect third-party websites. Often, these pages try to get visitors to sign up for absurdly expensive SMS services or other dubious online services. The pages also try to trick Facebook users into spamming their friends by first "liking" the page and then posting promotional material for the page. Typically, these bogus groups will include instructions such as the following:
1. Like this page
2. Share this page
3. Post this message 4 times anywhere in Facebook
4. Important : The 4 posts should be posted in 4 different places
One such page that I have recently received reports about, claims that users can "Find Out The Truth About McDonald's". Another promises to give users access to a Target "Shop for Free" promotion. Yet another supposedly offers free Footlongs from Subway. All are bogus and none actually provide what they promise. These offers come and go with lightening speed and rapidly replaces with other bait and switch scams.

Facebook users should be very wary of pages that claim to provide access to free offers or promotions, Facebook enhancements or "secret" information.

I think it is high time Facebook took action against the people creating and operating these bogus promotional pages. What do you think? Have your say below.

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