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Yet Another Tesco 'Free Voucher' Survey Scam Hitting Facebook

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According to a Facebook Page that claims to be associated with retailer Tesco, you can win a £500 voucher by liking, sharing, and commenting on a post promoting the supposed prize and then clicking a link to confirm your entry.

Supposedly, the prize draw has been re-launched because the previous incarnation proved so popular. The Page is named 'Tesco Offers' and includes the Tesco logo as its profile image.

However, the Page is fraudulent and has no connection to Tesco. And the supposed voucher giveaway is just the bait used to trick people into engaging with the bogus Page. There is no prize.

By stipulating that participants must first like, share, and comment, the scammers ensure that their scam post is seen by an increasingly large Facebook audience.

And participants who click the 'confirm entry' link as instructed will be then be tricked into divulging their personal information on dodgy survey websites. Clicking the link will take them to a webpage that appears to contain a prize entry form. However, the form will be greyed out and a popup message will claim that participants must complete one or more surveys before they can finalise their entry. The popup will contain links to various entries and promise that the form will be 'unlocked' once a survey is completed.

The links lead to various third party websites that promise the chance of further prizes for filling in surveys or offers. However, as a condition of entry, the websites will ask uses to supply their name, email address, home address and phone numbers. But, alas, fine print on the pages will note that any information provided will be shared with third-party marketers and 'site sponsors'.

Thus, participants will soon begin receiving unwanted and annoying phone calls, emails, and letters promoting various products and services.

Meanwhile, the scammers who created the fake Tesco voucher prize Facebook Page will earn commissions via underhand affiliate marketings schemes each time people provide their details on one of the survey sites.

And, no matter how many surveys users complete, they will never get to fill in the bogus prize entry form or win any Tesco vouchers.

Like-farming and survey scams like this one are very common on Facebook. Tesco's name and logo has been hijacked several times before for use in such scams. Note that the genuine Tesco Facebook Page features Facebook's blue 'verified' icon to prove its authenticity.



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We're giving you the chance to win £500 Tesco vouchers AGAIN!
Yes, that's right, we've had to re-launch this prize because it is just too popular! Just think what you could buy with this voucher
1. Like & Share
2. Comment below: Thank You
3. Confirm your entry -> [Link Removed]
Winners will be notified on 20 September
Good Luck!

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Last updated: September 17, 2015
First published: September 17, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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