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Travis Barker Death Hoax

Message claims that famous drummer Travis Barker was found dead in his garage in November 2007 (Full commentary below).


Example:(Submitted, November 2007)
Last night on November 13th famous drummer Travis Barker was found dead in his garage. "He was found in his garage coming home from a dinner/award ceremony." said reporter Tom Burry.

Investigators are not sure of how Former +44 drummer yet died or they are not telling the public the full truth yet.

Travis's wifes exact words "everyone in the world has someone special who has died in there life. Maybe it hasn't happen yet but please pray for Travis and my family. I would appreciate it and whoever did this to Travis is a sick! man." So if you have a heart please repost this and take a minute and pray for this great drummer known as Travis barker.

And if you don't repost this no one will kill you and no one will hurt you and no you won't have bad luck for seven years. You not posting this just shows you have no heart.

*So please just repost as "in loving memory of Travis Barker".

In November 2007, the Internet was abuzz with rumours claiming that well known drummer, Travis Barker, had been found dead in his garage. Stories about the star's death quickly moved around social networking sites such as MySpace and also began to circulate via email.

However, the rumours are totally unfounded. According to, Dennis Dennehy, from Barker's record label, Interscope Records, has denied the claims. Travis Barker is alive and well, although apparently keeping a low profile. Posts on Barker's wife Shanna Moakler's MySpace page also deny the rumour.

Baker gained fame as the drummer for the band blink 182 and is currently the drummer for +44.

It is unclear where the rumour originated. Barker joins a long line of other celebrities who have "featured" in hoaxes that falsely announce their untimely demise.

People: Travis Barker Is NOT Dead
Blink 182's former drummer Travis Barker is NOT dead
Shanna Moakler MySpace
Barker 'Definitely Not Dead'

Last updated: 22nd November 2007
First published: 22nd November 2007

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

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