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Virus Hoaxes - Page 2

Mail Server Report Life is Beautiful Virus Hoax

Warning message claims that an email with the title "Mail Server Report" contains a virus that will display a message saying "It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful" before destroying everything on the infected computer.

Published: April 1, 2008

Postcard Image Virus Hoax

Warning message claims that an email with an attachment entitled "POSTCARD" or "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK" will destroy the hard drive of the infected computer and has been classified as the most destructive virus ever.

Published: February 20, 2008

Photobucket MySpace Comment Virus Warning

Message claims that a virus that circulates via MySpace comments can delete content in the user's PhotoBucket account and post nude images to his or her friends list.

Published: Janury 3, 2008

Merry Christmas Virus Hoax

Email claims that a message with an attachment named "Merry Christmas" contains a destructive virus that will "burn" the hard drive on the infected computer thereby destroying the Zero Sector.

Published: November 13, 2007

Mr Common Sense Virus Hoax Email

Message claims that a dangerous computer virus is being distributed via an email with the subject line "Obituary of the late Mr Common Sense".

Published: April 18, 2007

Bin-Laden and Olympic Torch Virus Warning Hoax

Message claims that two very destructive viruses are being distributed, one in an email concerning the capture or hanging of Osama Bin-Laden and another in an email with the subject "Invitation".

Published: June 22, 2006

Olympic Torch Invitation Virus Hoax

Message claims that an email with an attached file called "Invitation" contains a virus that will open an Olympic Torch that destroys the computer's hard drive.

Published: February 12, 2006

Mobile Phone Virus Hoax

Forwarded messages claim that a destructive virus will infect your mobile (cell) phone if you receive a call that displays "ACE" or "XALAN" on the screen.

Published: November 22, 2004

MSN Contact List Virus Hoax

Message claims that somebody is trying to spread a virus by adding people to an MSN Messenger contact list.

Published: September 24, 2004

AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA - First Address Book Entry Virus Control Hoax

Virus protection "tip" claims that you can counter email worms simply by placing a phony email address such "AAAAAAA@AAA.AAA" as the first entry in your address book.

Published: July 17, 2003

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