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Warning To All Dog Owners (Joke)

Example:(Submitted, September 2005)
Subject: FW: ***WARNING*** TO ALL DOG OWNERS!!!!!


Warning to all dog owners: Watch your dog!

The State Highway Patrol in conjunction with the FBI has issued a warning advising all dog owners to keep their dogs indoors until further notice. Dogs are being picked off one at a time on an almost continual basis throughout the city. They are falling in great numbers. Police in the city advise all dog owners not to walk their dogs - KEEP THEM INDOORS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

Beware of the pussycat!

I'm writing this in a hurry while my owner, Chancy the Wonder Cat is outside. A lot of dogs live in my street, and I don't want her getting any ideas…

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Submitted via email: September 2005
First Published: 2nd August 2006
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