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World Record Size 'Piranha' Photographs

Email forward with photographs of a large fish with a mouth full of long, sharp teeth, claims that the fish is a world record sized piranha (Full commentary below).

Genuine photographs - False Description

Example:(Submitted, October 2007)
Subject: World Record Size Piranha

World record size Piranha!!

World Record Sized Piranha 1 World Record Sized Piranha 3

World Record Sized Piranha 2
A little swim in the Amazon Canyon anyone???

According to the subject line and description that comes with these images, the fish shown in the photographs is a world record sized piranha.


A real piranha
Amazon Piranha Fish
There is no disputing that the fish is a large one, and, with a mouthful of sharp teeth, a ferocious looking one at that! However, the fish is not a piranha. In fact it is a Giant Tigerfish (aka Goliath Tigerfish, African Tigerfish). Tigerfish and piranha belong to the same family (Characidae) but are entirely different species. Piranha can grow to a maximum length of 60 cm, but most are smaller.

The natural habitat of the Giant Tigerfish is the rivers and streams of Africa. Although the fish shown in the photographs is a large example of its species, Giant Tigerfish are known to grow to enormous sizes and are considered by fishermen around the world as one of the top game fish.

The exact location where the shots were taken and the identity of the fishermen is currently unclear.

Giant tigerfish
Goliath Tigerfish

Last updated: 31st October 2007
First published: 31st October 2007

Write-up by Brett M. Christensen

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