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Facebook Survey Scam - 'Drunk 17 Year Old Caught on Tape'

Message making its way across Facebook entices users to click a link to view a "stunning" video of a 17 year old girl caught on tape while drunk at school.

Brief Analysis
The link in the message opens a fake video webpage. Clicking "play" on the bogus video actually "likes" the message and displays it on your Facebook profile. The message then opens another page that claims you must complete a survey to verify your age before viewing the video. After completing the survey, you will be told that you are now in the running to win an expensive prize. However, to go in the draw, you are required to enter your mobile phone number. But, by providing your phone number, you are in fact subscribing to a very expensive - and ongoing - SMS "service" charged at $5 per text message along with a $15 joining fee.

And, after you enter your number and subscribe to the SMS service, you will be taken to further suspect survey pages and asked to provide even more personal information.

No matter how many surveys you complete, you will never get to see the salacious video you were hoping to gain access to. The promise of the video is simply the bait used to entice users into clicking the links in the spam messages.
The scammers who create these bogus promotions will earn commissions via suspect affiliate marketing schemes each and every time a victim completes an offer or participates in a survey. Victims may also be faced with large phone bills for unwanted mobile phone services and, because they have provided name and contact details, they may be inundated with unwanted promotional emails, phone calls and junk mail. And, because clicking the video play button automatically posts the scam message on to the user's Facebook Timeline, victims are also tricked into promoting the scam message to their friends.

Facebook survey scams like this are very common. Be careful of Facebook messages that offer free gifts cards or vouchers, "breaking news", or videos of people caught in compromising situations. If you see such messages on your Facebook, do not click any links that they contain.

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Detailed analysis and references below example.

Last updated: October 8, 2012
First published: October 8, 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
About Brett Christensen and Hoax-Slayer

[STUNNING!!] She is 17-years-old, she did it publicly in high school while drunk, really stunning!
[Link Removed]
Caught on tape- hOW she did it, AMAZING!!

17 year old caughat on tape scam message

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