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Articles Published in 2005

This page lists a few of the most popular Hoax-Slayer articles that were first published in 2005.

Q33 NY Wingdings Hoax - Elevens and the Wrath of the Eagle

Email claims that entering Q33 NY in the Wingdings font reveals a combination of symbols that reflect the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. It also claims that a verse in the Quran predicts US involvement in Iraq and that "eleven" is a number with special significance to 9/11.

Eye Of God Image - Hubble Telescope Email

Email forward that includes an image described as the "Eye of God" claims the image captures a rare event that only occurs once every 3000 years.

Naked Chef Free Cook Book Hoax

Email forward claims that an attached file is a new cookbook from British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Car-Jacking Scheme Warning - Paper on Rear Window

Email forward warns of a new car-jacking scheme in which paper is placed on the back window of parked cars as a ruse to get a driver to leave his or her vehicle so that the thieves can easily steal it.

IRS Refund Scam Email

Scam email, supposedly from the IRS, asks consumers to provide personal information on a bogus website in order to claim a tax refund.

Premium Rate Phone Fraud Hoax

Email forward claims to be a warning about premium rate phone scams that can result in victims being charged 20 or 50 per minute or 100 for fifteen minutes.

Pharming - Information about Pharming Scams

Pharming is an Internet scam that can result in web uses being secretly redirected to a fraudulent website read more.

Phenylpropanolamine FDA Recall Warning Email

Email informs recipients that the FDA is recalling medications that contain phenylpropanolamine. The message includes a list of medications that supposedly contain phenylpropanolamine.

Princess Diana Lottery Scam Email

Many email lottery scams continue to be distributed, including one that is supposedly funded from the estate of the late Princess Diana.

FBI Virus Emails - Sober Worm

Email, supposedly from the FBI, claims the recipient has been logged visiting illegal websites but actually carries the Sober X worm.

Mt. Everest 360 Degree View Photograph

Email forward includes a panoramic photograph depicting a 360 Degree view from the top of Mt. Everest.

Mobile Phone Misinformation - XALAN and #90 Hoax

Email warning claims that a scammer can take over your mobile phone if you key in #90. The message also claims that a phone virus is circulating that can erase the SIM card of the infected mobile.

Birthday List Chain Email - Somebody Born Every Day

Email asks recipients to add their name and country to a birthday list before sending the message to all of their friends.

Australian Terrorist Attack Warning Hoaxes

Hoax emails and text messages are circulating that warn of impending attacks on Australian targets.

French Millau Viaduct - Amazing Bridge

Email forward with an attached photograph of a very high bridge includes information about the bridge's construction and location.

Glass Skywalk on the Grand Canyon

Email with attached images provides information about a glass and steel skywalk that will jut out over the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Delta Air Lines Free Flight Hoax Email

Email claims that Delta Air Lines will give free air flights to those who send the message to five or ten other people.

Water Bridge in Germany

Email with attached photograph claims a water channel bridge has been built in Germany

Drivers Licence on the Internet

Email claims that Internet users can view anyone's Driver's License details by visiting a specified website and entering a name, city and state into a search form.

Ghost Under Bed Chain Letter

Email chain letter that includes an image of a ghostly figure under a hospital bed warns recipients that the ghost will collect their soul if they do not send the message to five people.

Gang Member Hidden in Back Seat Myth

False email forward claims that gang members are hiding in the back seats of cars in order to abduct young women driving alone.

Sony PSP Giveaway Hoax Email

Bogus email forward claims that Sony will give away a PSP console to those who send the message to 20 other people.

Free Sainsbury's Gift Voucher Hoax

Email claims that Sainsbury's is giving away 60 gift vouchers to those who forward the message to ten friends.

Sony Ericsson Phone Giveaway Hoax

Email claims that Sony Ericsson is giving away free phones to recipients who send the message on to 8 or 20 people.

Help Burned Baby Alexandra Email

Email claims that recipients can help pay the medical bills of 14 month old Alexandra, who received horrific burns in a house fire, simply by forwarding the message.

HIV Infected Needles on UK Cinema Seats Hoax

False email forward claims that UK cinema visitors have been injured by HIV infected needles deliberately left on cinema seats.

Power Line Virus (Joke)

Satirical email warns about a damaging virus that travels through power lines

Giant New Orleans Crocodile Hoax Email

Email claims that a giant 21-foot crocodile was found swimming the flooded streets of Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans

Cell Phone Charging Danger Warning Email

Email forward warns that answering a cell phone while it is being charged can electrocute the user.

Scammers Exploit Hurricane Katrina

Online scammers are actively exploiting the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Praying Mother and Son Rock Formation

Email message claims an attached image depicts a rock formation in Burma that resembles a mother and son praying by a lake.

Hotel Key Card Security Risk Hoax

Email forward falsely claims that sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers is routinely encoded on electronic hotel key cards and this represents a security risk to hotel guests.

London Bombings Nigerian Scam

Scam email claims that the recipient may be entitled to a large sum of money as the next of kin of a person who died in the London bombings.

HIV needles on Gas Pump Handles

Old hoax about HIV infected needles affixed to the underside of gas pump handles is rapidly circulating once again.

Budweiser Frogs Virus Hoax

Hoax email claims that a screensaver featuring the Budweiser Frogs contains a dangerous computer virus.

MSN Messenger 500,000 Signatures Hoax

Email forward claims that MSN will start charging a monthly fee for its Messenger service if 500,000 "signatures" are not received by September 14th, 2005.

Kayla Wightman Charity Hoax

Hoax message claims that the Make A Wish Foundation will donate money to help pay the medical bills of 15-year-old Kayla Wightman every time the message is sent to other people.

Osama Bin Laden Virus Emails

Trojan bearing emails claim that Osama Bin Laden has been captured or hanged and asks recipients to open an attachment or follow a link for more information.

112 No Signal Mobile Phone Call Diverts to Satellite Hoax

Bogus email claims that dialling 112 on a mobile phone will divert to a satellite signal and reach emergency services even if no signal is available.

Leptospirosis Death Warning - Rat Urine on Soda Can Top

Dubious email "warning" claims that a woman died after catching Leptospirosis from dried rat urine on the lid of a soda can.

RCMP Warning Hoax - No Headlights Gang Initiation Myth

Hoax email, supposedly from the RCMP, warns about a gang initiation that involves shooting at drivers who flash or signal a gang member driving without headlights.

Another London Attack Hoax Email

Hoax email claims that the London Metropolitan Police are preparing for another terrorist attack on the London underground

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Campaign Email

Factual email forward advises you to store the word "I C E" in your mobile phone book along with the number of the person you wish to be contacted in case of emergency.

Terror Hits London Trojan

Provides information about a trojan that arrives in an HTML email disguised as a CNN story about the London bombings.

London Bombing Donations Scam Email

Fraudulent emails ask for donations to help victims of the London terrorist bombings.

Converted ATM's Steal Bank Customer ID's - ATM Skimming Fraud Warning

Email forward with photographs shows how criminals can steal bank customer ID's using ATM skimming equipment and hidden cameras.

Dr John Holt Email Petition - Microwave Cancer Therapy Email

Email petition asks recipients to add their name in order to pressure the Australian Government into supporting and acknowledging the controversial cancer treatment of Perth based Dr John Holt.

Michael Jackson Suicide Message Points to Trojan

Email claims that singer Michael Jackson has made a suicide attempt and urgers the recipient to click on the link to read more information.

Neiman Marcus Cookie Hoax - $250 Cookie Recipe

Old $250 Neiman Marcus cookie recipe hoax continues to circulate.

Dust-Off Warning Email

Factual email from a grieving father outlines the danger of inhaling Dust-Off computer cleaner, after his son died as a result of "huffing" the product.

Monkeyman935 Online Warning Hoax

Still circulating: False email "warning" claims that someone with the screen-name Monkeyman935 is killing women he has met via the Internet.

Fake News Story: Cambodian Midgets Fight Lion

False "news" story claims that 42 Cambodian Midgets were mutilated in a fight with an African lion while paying spectators looked on.

Nigerian Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

Nigerian scam emails with a Christian orientation ask recipients to help distribute funds to charities.

Half Human - Half Pig: Weird Photo of Suckling Mother and Babies

Photograph depicts a bizarre family of strange hybrid-human creatures, including a mother and suckling babies.

Paypal Phisher Scam

Bogus email claiming to be from PayPal asks recipient to log on to a fake website and provide personal information.

Good Luck Chain Letter - The Phone Will Ring

Still circulating - Silly chain letter message promises good luck to those who send the message to others within five minutes and bad luck to those who don't.