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Articles Published in 2006

This page lists some of the Hoax-Slayer articles published in 2006.

Lottery Cheque Scams

Scammers may send a cheque with a message claiming that the recipient has won a large sum in an International lottery.

Published: 29th November 2006


Aeroscraft - Flying Cruise Ship

Email claims that a huge blimp-like aircraft called the Aeroscraft may become the airborne equivalent of seagoing luxury cruise ships.

Published: 29th November 2006


God Spilled the Paint Photograph

A beautiful photograph of desert wildflowers is circulating via email and online.

Published: 29th November 2006


Tom Hanks Death Hoax

Fake news report claims that the actor Tom Hanks fell to his death while filming on location in New Zealand.

Published: 20th November 2006


Soldiers Answer To John Kerry's "Stuck in Iraq" Comment

A photograph showing a group of US soldiers holding up an intentionally misspelled banner mocks a recent comment by Senator John Kerry.

Published: 16th November 2006


Photos of Lady Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds

Photographs currently circulating via email and online depict a woman hand-feeding hummingbirds.

Published: 16th November 2006


Life is Beautiful Virus Hoax

A large number of submissions and web page hits indicates that this old hoax email is currently enjoying yet another comeback.

Updated: 16th November 2006


Acetaminophen Recall Warning Emails

A number of emails are circulating that warn consumers that certain batches of Acetaminophen 500mg caplets are being recalled because some of the caplets may contain metal fragments that could cause illness or injuries. The information in these warnings is true.

Published: 14th November 2006


Social Security Administration Phishing Scam

An email that pretends to be from the US Social Security Administration is actually a phishing scam designed to steal personal information. The email arrives with the subject line "Cost-of-Living for 2007 update" and includes a link to a fake website that asks for a Social Security Number and banking details.

Published: 14th November 2006


Another Hotmail Account Closure Hoax Email

Email claims that your Hotmail account will be closed down unless you send the message to fifteen other Hotmail users.

Published: 14th November 2006


High Altitude Shuttle Launch Photographs

Message claims that attached photographs of a space shuttle launch were taken from the International Space Station.

Published: 8th November 2006


Coke and Mentos Death Warning Email

Email claims that children have died after consuming Diet Coke and Mentos together. The message includes photographs of the violent chemical reaction that occurs when Diet Coke and Mentos are combined.

Published: 8th November 2006


"Question About Your Photo at flickr" Email Leads to Trojan

Email claims that the sender is interested in finding out more about a photo posted on photo-sharing site flickr.

Published: 3rd November 2006


Not All Heroes Are People - Daisy The Dog Hoax

This hoax message tells the story of Daisy, a guide dog who lead her blind owner and almost 1000 others out of the doomed WTC towers after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Published: 2nd November, 2006


Payment Transfer Job Scam Emails - Laundering Scams

Scammers are using unsolicited email "job offers" to trick recipients into falling for payment transfer scams. The victim is promised a percentage of the payments transferred. However, the scheme is usually a method of "laundering" stolen money and victims may be unwittingly participating in illegal activities.

Published: 2nd November, 2006


Stock Spam Hitting Inboxes

Discusses the increasing amount of stock spam emails currently being distributed.

Published: 20th October 2006


Photo of Chopper Landing on Rooftop in Afghanistan

Photograph circulating via email depicts a military helicopter performing a spectacular partial landing on a rooftop.

Published: 16th October 2006


Fake Mail Server Report Message Carries Worm

Mail server message claims that emails containing worms have been sent from the recipients computer.

Published: 5th October 2006


Steve Irwin Statue Email Petition

Email message asks recipients to "sign" a petition to get a life-size statue of Steve Irwin built at Australia Zoo.

Published: 3rd October 2006


ATM Security Advise Message : Enter PIN In Reverse to Call Police

Message claims that if you are forced by robbers to withdraw money from an ATM, you can secretly alert police by entering your PIN in reverse.

Published: 3rd October 2006


Email Rumour - Keith Urban Asks Canadians to Leave a Concert

Emails claims that country music star Keith Urban asked all Canadian audience members to leave his performance at the Minot Fair because they were not fighting with US troops.

Published: 29th September 2006


Email Request for Hospital Patient Identification Tags

Email claims that Arthur Jones of NSW Australia wants to create the world's largest collection of hospital patient identification tags. The email requests that recipients around the world send unwanted tags to a specified address.

Published: 28th September 2006


Steve Irwin Became Born Again Christian Rumour

Forwarded email claims that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin became a born again Christian shortly before he died.

Published: 27th September 2006


Fake Email Greeting Card Leads To Trojan

An email that claims to be a Greeting Card notification from actually points to a malicious trojan.

Published: 27th September 2006


Fish With Hands and Legs Email Forward

Photographs circulating via email and online claim to depict a strange fish with hands and legs.

Published: 25th September 2006


Nigerian Scam List - 419 Scam Examples

A list of Nigerian Scam examples sorted according to the name used by the scammer in the message.

Updated: 14th September 2006


Help Matt Dawson - Another Make-A-Wish Foundation Hoax

Email claims that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will donate 7 cents to help cancer-sufferer Matt Dawson every time the message is sent onward.

Published: 7th September 2006


Iraq and The Wrath of the Eagle Koran Verse Hoax

Email chain letter claims that a verse in the Koran predicts the US invasion of Iraq

Published: 7th September 2006


Panadol Toxic To Body Warning Message

Message warns that Panadol is toxic to the body and should never be taken.

Published: 1st September 2006

Read More >> Closing Down Hoax

Email claims that social networking site is closing down and warns that recipients will be charged $10 per month to keep their accounts if they do not forward the message to others.

Published: 30th August 2006


Cards and Pennies for Alyssa Bruno

Update: I am very sad to report that Alyssa Bruno died as a result of her illness on 24th August 2006.

Updated: 28th August 2006


Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion Photos Hoax

Email claims that attached photographs depict the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia taken from an Israeli satellite.

Published: 23th August 2006


Package Deposited in Your Name Scam Email

Email claims that a package deposited in your name contains a large sum of money in cash and is being held for you by a group of diplomats.

Published: 17th August 2006


Pepsi Company Lottery Promotion Scam

Lottery scam message claims that the recipient has won a large sum of money in a lottery supposedly promoted by "The Pepsi Company".

Published: 16th August 2006


Mars, Earth - Closest Approach in Recorded History

Once true but outdated email claims that Earth and Mars will have the closest approach in recorded history in August and will be a spectacular site for stargazers.

Updated: 15th August 2006


Let's Say Thanks Website - Send a Card to a Soldier

Message claims that members of the public can go to the "LetsSayThanks" website and choose a thank-you card that will be sent to US soldiers serving overseas.

Published: 8th August 2006


Cold Water Causes Cancer Warning Message

Message claims that drinking cold water after a meal will solidify "oily stuff" present in the food consumed and will lead to cancer.

Published: 8th August 2006


Photos of Big Gator With a Deer in its Mouth

Photographs circulating via email show a large alligator with a full-grown deer in its mouth.

Published: 7th August 2006


Phishing Scam Targets PayPal Users

Phishing scam email claims that the recipient's PayPal account will be suspended if he or she does not update account information.

Published: 7th August 2006


Malaysian Island Mermaid Images

Images of a strange sea-creature are claimed to depict a mermaid washed up on the shore of a Malaysian island.

Published: 4th August 2006


Indian Arrest Law Chain Letter - Women's Right to Refuse to Go With Police at Night

Message claims that women living in India have the right to refuse to go to a police station between the hours of 6pm and 6am unless the arresting officer is a woman.

Published: 1st August 2006


Email Petition Against the Closure of South African Child Protection Unit

Email petition claims that South Africa's Child Protection Unit is to be closed and urges recipients to "sign" a message protesting the closure before sending it to others.

Published: 27th July 2006


Breast Larvae Infestation From Undergarments Hoax

Message that includes an image depicting an unusual rash on a woman's breast, claims that the rash harboured live larvae that were feeding off her fat, tissue, and milk canals.

Warning: Some viewers may find images disturbing.

Published: 26th July 2006


Americans With No Abilities Act Hoax

Message claims that proposed legislation to be called the Americans With No Abilities Act is intended to provide wide-sweeping work-place benefits for "the millions of Americans who lack any real skills or ambition".

Published: 25th July 2006


Vishing Scams - Phone Based Phishing

A new type of phishing scam called "vishing" attempts to trick users into providing personal information via telephone calls.

Published: 24th July 2006


Mr Clean Magic Erasers Contain Formaldehyde Hoax

Email forward warns that Mr Clean Magic Erasers contain formaldehyde and can pose significant health risks to users.

Published: 21st July 2006


Bryan Warner Make-A-Wish Foundation Hoax

Email claims that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will donate money to help a cancer sufferer named Bryan Warner every time the message is re-posted.

Published: 21st July 2006


Email Forward Claims Jamie Bulger Killer Linked to Perth Child Murder

Email message claims that the person who raped and murdered a young child in Perth Western Australia is actually one of the boys who killed little Jamie Bulger in 1993.

Published: 28th June 2006


Michael Hunt Missing Child Message

Email message claims that a fifteen year old boy named Michael Hunt is missing from Longs South Carolina.

Published: 28th June 2006


809 Area Code Scam Warning Email

Email forward, ostensibly from AT&T, warns that consumers are being tricked into dialling international telephone numbers and thereby incurring enormous call charges of thousands of dollars per minute.

Published: 28th June 2006


Mother Tiger Nurses Piglets Email

Email forward that includes photographs of a tiger suckling several tiger-costumed piglets claims that the baby pigs were given to the mother tiger to counteract her depression after losing her own cubs.

Published: 26th June 2006


Bin-Laden and Olympic Torch Virus Warning Hoax

Message claims that two very destructive viruses are being distributed, one in an email concerning the capture or hanging of Osama Bin-Laden and another in an email with the subject "Invitation".

Published: 23th June 2006


Missed Call Phone Scam Warning Email

Email message warns that answering a missed call on your mobile phone can lead to high phone charges when the caller attempts to claim a $40 prize.

Updated: 19th June 2006


Bush Hid The Facts - Notepad Conspiracy Claim

Message claims that the strange result when a Windows Notepad file with the text "Bush hid the facts" is re-opened may represent a deliberate anti-Bush political statement by Microsoft.

Published: 19th June 2006


Swiffer Wetjet Pet Death Email Rumour

Email forward claims that household pets have died as a result of licking floors cleaned with the Swiffer Wetjet cleaning system.

Updated: 17th June 2006


Plagiarized Poem - Why Computers Sometimes Crash! by Dr. Seuss

An amusing poem about computing that has circulated widely online and via email is falsely attributed to American writer, Dr Seuss.

Published: 16th June 2006


National Australia Bank Goes Bankrupt Scam Email

Email claims that the National Australia Bank is going bankrupt and directs recipients to click on a link included in the message in order to read more information.

Published: 15th June 2006


New Graphic Site - Yahoo Mail Worm

An email worm that arrives with the subject "New Graphic Site" has been posing a threat to users of Yahoo web-based email.

Published: 15th June 2006


Liquid Candy Laryngospasm Warning

Email warning claims that a child suffered laryngospasm after drinking a form of liquid candy that was intended to be sprayed into the mouth.

Updated: 15th June 2006


USS New York Built With World Trade Center Steel

Message claims that steel left from the World Trade Center is being used in the construction of new navy assault ship, USS New York.

Published: 13th June 2006


Acid Car Hijacking Warning

Email forward warns recipients that criminals are using pool acid as a weapon to aid in the hijacking of vehicles.

Published: 9th June 2006


Q33 NY Wingdings Hoax - Elevens and the Wrath of the Eagle

Email claims that entering Q33 NY in the Wingdings font reveals a combination of symbols that reflect the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers. It also claims that a verse in the Quran predicts US involvement in Iraq and that "eleven" is a number with special significance to 9/11.

Jaleel White of Urkel Fame Is Not Dead

Fake AP news report claims that actor Jaleel White, who played the lovable Urkel in "Family Matters", has committed suicide.

Published: 7th June 2006

Cocoa Mulch Toxic to Dogs Warning Email

Email forward warns that Cocoa Mulch can be harmful to dogs

Published: 2nd June 2006
New Zealand Police Notification Hoax Email

Trojan carrying scam email, supposedly from the New Zealand Police, informs recipients that they are under suspicion and requests them to provide personal information.

ANZ Account Suspension Phishing Scam

Phishing scam email, supposedly from the ANZ bank, tries to trick recipients into providing information on a bogus website.

Cruise Control Hydroplane Warning

Email forward warns that drivers should not use cruise control in wet conditions because its use can cause the vehicle to accelerate and fly through the air if it hits standing water and hydroplanes.

Pascua Lama Mine Email Petition

Message claims that the planned Pascua Lama mine in Chile may cause devastating environmental damage to the area and asks recipients to "sign" the email petition and send it to others.

Question From eBay Member Phishing Scam

Phishing scam email disguised as a question from an eBay member tries to trick recipients into clicking a link and providing personal information.

Mold in Pancake Mix Warning

Message warns that mold in old pancake mix can cause serious health problems and claims that a person died after eating mold-contaminated pancakes.

Nicotine in Tim Hortons Coffee Hoax

Message claims that Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, Tim Hortons, adds nicotine to its coffee and that patrons have suffered serious health problems as a result.

Ashley Flores Missing Child Hoax

Email forward claims that 13-year-old Ashley Flores is missing from Philadelphia.

Giant Fraser River Sturgeon Photograph

Message claims that an included photograph depicts an 11-foot long, 1000lb sturgeon caught by a group of fisherman.

Forward Message to Help Severely Burned Child Hoax

Email, complete with photographs of a badly burned child, claims that 11 cents will be donated to the child's family every time the message is sent to others.

Thieves Leave Women Naked in Restrooms Hoax

Email warns that thieves with guns are forcing women to strip naked in shopping mall restrooms in order to steal valuables and escape before the victims can raise the alarm.

ACLU Objects to Praying Marines Hoax

Email forward claims that the ACLU objected to a group of US Marines bowing their heads in prayer during a military ceremony.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Warning

Email forward warns about the danger of Brown Recluse spiders and includes graphic pictures of a wound supposedly caused by a recluse bite.

Warning: Some viewers may find these images disturbing.

Coca Cola and Chelsea Football Club Lottery Scam

Many lottery scam emails continue to hit inboxes around the world, including one that falsely claims to be a joint prize promotion from the Coca Cola Company and Chelsea Football Club.

New Orleans Library Book Donation Request

Email asks recipients to consider donating books to the New Orleans Public Library in order to help the library restock after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

AIDS From Contaminated Take Away Food Warning

Message claims that a ten-year-old boy was diagnosed with AIDS after eating take-away food contaminated with blood from a cook who already had the illness.

Email Warning - Speed Camera Offence Information Available Online

Email claims that anybody can view information about a driver's speed camera offences by visiting a publicly accessible website.

PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) Premium Rate Scam Warning

Email forward warns that a card from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) informing householders about a package delivery is actually a scam designed to trick them into making a premium rate phone call charged at 1.50 per minute.

Image of the North Pole With the Moon at its Closest Point

An image circulating via email and online is claimed to be a photograph of the North Pole that captures the moon at its closest point and shows the sun below the moon.

Jury Duty Phone Scam Warning

Email forward warns that scammers are committing identity theft by phoning potential victims and threatening them with prosecution for failing to report for jury duty unless they reveal sensitive personal information.

Discussion: Why do People Create Email Hoaxes?

This article discusses some of the possible motives that cause people to create and distribute email hoaxes.

Jamie Bulger Email Petition

Seriously outdated email petition requests that recipients "sign" and send the message to others in an attempt to prevent the release of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, the boys who murdered toddler Jamie Bulger in 1993.

Will Ferrell is Not Dead

A bogus press release circulating around the Internet claims actor Will Ferrell was killed in a paragliding accident.

Black and White Twin Sisters

Emailed photographs show twin sisters, one with black skin and one with white skin.

Cadbury Chocolate Egg Recall in Canada

Messages warn that some Cadbury chocolate eggs produced and distributed in Canada have been recalled because they may contain hard pieces of plastic.

Formosan Termites in Mulch Warning

Email forward warns recipients that cheap mulch currently being distributed and sold across the United States originated from debris left by the New Orleans hurricanes and may contain Formosan Termites.

Chad Briody Charity Request Hoax

Email message claims that the Make-A-Wish Foundation will donate 7 cents to help seriously ill child Chad Briody every time the message is forwarded.

Lauren and the *677 Police Dispatch Cell Phone Number

Email forward describes how a women named Lauren avoided being raped by a police impostor in an unmarked car by dialling *677 on her cell phone.

Free Golden Retriever Puppies Hoax

Message claims that the Golden Retriever puppies shown in attached photographs will be put down if they are not adopted in the near future.

MSN 18 Contacts Hoax

Message warns that users will have to pay for MSN and email accounts unless they send the warning to at least 18 contacts.
Visa & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam

Email forward warns that scammers are attempting to obtain CVV2/CVC2 security numbers by phoning credit card holders and posing as Security and Fraud Department staff from Visa or MasterCard.

Olympic Torch Invitation Virus Hoax

Message claims that an email with an attached file called "Invitation" contains a virus that will open an Olympic Torch that destroys the computer's hard drive.

PBS Bill Payment Not Approved Scam Email

Email claiming to be from Payroll and Business Services Ltd warns that a recent bill payment has not been approved and requests recipients to open an attachment to view transaction details.

Reserve Bank Of Australia Phishing Scam

Phishing scam email purporting to be from the Reserve Bank of Australia attempts to trick recipients into visiting a fraudulent website and supplying debit card details.

Panadol Extra Kidney Damage Warning Hoax

Message warns that a specified batch of the pain relief medication, Panadol Extra, has been "exposed in the heated area" and can now cause kidney damage after small doses.

Use Left Ear For Mobile Phone Hoax

Message supposedly endorsed by the "Apollo medical team", claims that mobile (cell) phone users should always use the left ear for calls because using the right ear will directly affect the brain.

PF Lens - See Through Clothing Camera Warning
Email forward warns that unscrupulous photographers are using specialized camera lenses to capture images of women's bodies through their clothing and posting the resulting "nude" pictures on websites.

Lead in Lipstick Alert - Cancer Causing Lipstick Hoax

Email claims that certain brands of lipstick contain dangerous amounts of lead and can cause cancer. The message includes a list of lipstick brands and instructions for testing lipsticks for lead content.
Summer Chain Email - Blond Hair And Blood Shot Eyes

Threatening chain letter claims that a dead teenager will kill the recipient if he or she does not forward the message.