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Adam Sandler Has Not Died - Star Again Targeted in Nasty Death Hoax

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According to a report currently circulating via social media, much loved US actor Adam Sandler has been found dead at his home in an apparent suicide. The report claims Adam had been battling severe depression and authorities believe his death was suicide due to asphyxia.

The report has caused great distress among the star's fans.

However, the claims are untrue. Adam Sandler is NOT dead. The report is a nasty and irresponsible hoax. There are no credible news reports that support the claim that he has died.

The exceedingly poor taste report comes from a trashy click bait website called 'Link Beef'. The site apparently published the fake suicide report in a callous and rather pathetic attempt to gain site visitors. The site presents information in news format but makes no attempt to inform visitors which of its reports are true and which are fiction. Nor does it include any clear disclaimer that might alert visitors that at least some if its content is false.

Publishing fake-news articles about a subject as serious as suicide just to gather site visitors is reprehensible. Experts have found an increase in suicide rates after media reports about celebrity suicides. Thus, a disgraceful fake-news report like this one could have deadly repercussions. The author of this piece of drivelling nonsense is beneath contempt as is the website it is published on.

There are an increasing number of fake-news websites that, between them, churn out a constant stream of false information disguised as news. It is therefore wise to verify any celebrity death reports that come your way before you share them with others. If a famous person really does die, then reports of his or her passing will be featured in many main stream news reports. So, a search via a news portal such as Google news should quickly reveal if a circulating celebrity death report is true.

Adam Sandler has been the victim of several other death hoaxes in the past.



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Adam Sandler actor and comedian, found dead at 49

US actor and comedian Adam Sandler has been found dead, aged 49, in an apparent suicide.

Marin County Police in California said he was pronounced dead at his home shortly after officials responded to an emergency call around noon local time.

Adam Sandler Death Hoax Facebook Post

Adam Sandler


Last updated: September 30, 2015
First published: September 30, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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