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NONSENSE - 'All Americans Microchipped by 2017'


Report claims that a 2007 NBC News segment predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by the year 2017. The reports suggest that the implanted RFID microchips will be used by the US government to control its citizens.

Americans microchipped

Brief Analysis

The claims are conspiracy theory nonsense. The 2007 NBC report suggested that microchips might be used in the future to record a person's medical data in case of emergency. It did not state or even imply that all citizens would be mandatorily microchipped. This is just the latest incarnation of a long running and utterly absurd conspiracy theory that claims - without a shred of credible evidence - that various governments were intent on forcibly microchipping their citizens in order to control them.



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All Americans Microchipped 2017

NBC News: 'All Americans Microchipped by 2017'

Is NBC predicting RFID implanted in Americans in 2017 or are they the mouth piece for the beast?

If you take the RFID Microchip they can TRACK your every move, Control your MONEY, Control your FOOD and possible even KILL you if you don't obey!

All Americans Microchipped 2017

Detailed Analysis

A message with the glaring headline 'All Americans Microchipped by 2017' is currently circulating via Facebook and other social media outlets. The message links to what appears to be a news report that includes a video of a 2007 NBC news segment that supposedly predicts the microchipping of citizens by 2017.

The article goes on to suggest that, once the RFID microchips are implanted, the government will be able to track every move that citizens make and fully control their lives. The message claims that the government may even have the capacity to use the implanted microchips to kill off disobedient citizens.

But, of course, the claims in the supposed news article are rabid conspiracy theory nonsense. Ironically, the video segment that the report uses as its primary piece of evidence, makes no mention at all of mandatory microchipping or of RFID microchips designed to allow the US government to control people.

The 2007 video makes predictions about the future use of (then) emerging technologies that will change the way people will prove and protect their identities and property. One part of the video creates a scenario in which you are rushed to hospital, unconscious and without ID. The commentator suggests that, by 2017, you might have a microchip embedded under your skin that could be scanned by medical staff to access your medical history, thereby allowing them to quickly provide appropriate treatment.

Perhaps, before too long, people may well have the option of getting a microchip that records their medical data and other details for emergencies or to help them prove and protect their identities. As the NBC segment suggests, such technology could be a valuable aid and could even save lives.

However, at least for the foreseeable future, the use of such technology will be entirely optional. Moreover, the claims that governments will use the chips to track and control the moves of all their citizens - and even kill off undesirables from afar - is paranoid nonsense perpetrated by conspiracy theory loonies.

In fact, these ridiculous stories have circulated for years. After the predicted date of the supposed mandatory microchipping passes by, the conspiracy theorists simply invent a new incarnation of the story with a new implementation date.

A similar fake news story launched in 2013 falsely claimed that all European babies would be microchipped from May 2014. That deadline is almost upon us, but, of course, there is not one credible report that provides details about this impending implementation.

Earlier US based versions of the story claimed that the mandatory microchipping of US citizens was enshrined in the wording of the ObamaCare bill and the earlier H.R. 3200 bill. However, as well described by hoax debunking website ThatsNonsense, neither bill made any mention whatsoever of plans to implement microchip tracking devices.

An even wackier variant of the story suggested that the chips represented the Biblical 'Mark of the Beast'.

Rather than worry about utterly baseless nonsense concerning compulsory microchipping, citizens would be better to keep themselves informed about much more credible threats to their privacy. Governments and companies around the world are collecting more and more information about people in many different ways. And they certainly don't need to force us to embed microchips under our skin in order to keep tabs on us and further encroach on our steadily shrinking privacy.



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Americans microchipped

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Last updated: August 9, 2016
First published: April 10, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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