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Ball Girl Wall Climb Catch Video

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"Viral" YouTube video supposedly shows a ball girl making an amazing catch by running up a wall during a baseball game between Fresno and Tacoma (Full commentary below).

Basball and glove


False - Video is fake



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Example:(Submitted, June 2008)
Subject: Video of ball girl climbing wall

Is this YouTube video of a ball girl climbing a wall to catch a ball genuine?

Detailed Analysis

A popular YouTube video that supposedly shows a ball girl performing an amazing catch during a baseball game featuring the Fresno Grizzlies is currently generating a number of enquiries. The video shows the young ball girl apparently running up the outfield wall to launch herself into the air to make the spectacular catch.

However, although the footage may look quite genuine, the apparent catch is the result of clever video trickery and editing and does not depict a real event. In fact, the video is an advertising gimmick created for Gatorade by advertising company Element 79. An article about the video on Advertising Age notes:
It's certainly an amazing fabrication of an amazing play. The ball girl is a stuntwoman who was lifted by cables as she planted her feet against the wall, a sequence cut into actual game footage and enhanced with a bit of CGI and a perfectly natural-sounding announcer track.
Part of the footage was filmed during a real game while the remainder was shot later. notes:
The ad was filmed at Chukchansi Park back in April. These photos were given to us by Lance Cardoza of Some of it was shot during the Grizzlies game and some of it was done after with about one-hundred fans in the bleachers and a few players who stayed late.
The effect is further enhanced by the ball girl's matter-of-fact post-catch demeanour as she calmly returns to her side line chair. Observant viewers may notice a bottle of Gatorade beside the chair.

This form of promotional video is becoming an increasingly popular means of advertising products and services. A recent "viral" YouTube video of a ghost in Singapore was in fact a campaign for a recruitment and HR consultancy company. Another YouTube video of popcorn being made with cell phones was also later revealed as an advertising campaign for Bluetooth headsets. This form of advertising is relatively inexpensive because it uses free video services such as YouTube for distribution. If cleverly conceived and implemented, such advertising videos can reach millions of potential customers and can therefore be very effective.

Thus, we are likely to see a lot more such advertising videos as other companies and ad agencies begin using the concept.



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Last updated: 26th June 2008
First published: 26th June 2008
By Brett M. Christensen
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