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'American Airline' Free Tickets Facebook Scam

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Yet another fake airline ticket giveaway Page has appeared on Facebook. This version, which claims to be associated with American Airlines, promises participants free tickets for a two week trip to Bora Bora with $5000 spending money.

For a chance to win, claims the Page, all you must do is share a promotional image, like the Page, and add a comment. Supposedly, winners will be notified via Facebook message and announced on the Page.

The Page features an image depicting the luxury accommodation that is supposedly included in the prize.

But, alas, there is no prize and no winners other than the scammers who created the fake Page. The Page is a typical like-farming scam designed to accumulate as many Facebook Page likes as possible in the shortest possible time.

By stipulating that users must like the Page as a condition of entry, the scammers ensure that they will gain a large number of Page likes in short order. And, by tricking people into sharing and commenting as well, the scammers are effectively promoting their fraudulent Page to an ever-widening audience.

Note that the fake Page is called 'American Airline', without the 's' on the end of the word 'airline'. The company's official name is 'American Airlines' not 'American Airline'. Via this simple ruse, the scammers were able to create a fake Facebook Page that has an almost identical name to that of the genuine Page. Many users will not even notice this small difference in names.

The genuine American Airlines Facebook Page, which features the Facebook blue tick 'verified' icon, has confirmed that the giveaway Page is not legitimate.

The Bora Bora image used in the bogus promotional post has been featured on many accommodation and travel websites and was stolen and reused by the scammers to make their claims seem more credible.

So why, you may ask, would scammers go to all of this trouble just to collect Facebook likes? In fact, a Facebook Page with high numbers of likes is a valuable commodity.

Once it has gained a lot of likes, such a Page may be used to launch survey scams, which can earn the scammers money via dodgy affiliate marketing schemes. The Page may also be used to launch other types of scams, or promote its owner's suspect products or services to a large potential audience.

Alternatively, the now like-heavy Page can be sold on the black market to unscrupulous Internet marketers. The new owners will repurpose the Page to further their own nefarious goals.

Scams like this one are very common on Facebook. Scammers have created fake pages promising free tickets and trips from several other major airlines. Be wary of any Facebook Page that promises valuable prizes such as airline tickets, vacations, or luxury cars just for liking, sharing, or participating in online surveys.



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Great news, we're giving away 5 tickets each to 300 people for a 2 week trip to Bora Bora in a 5 star hotel with $5,000 spending money..
Want to win? You must Share this picture and like the page and Comment Thanks You.
Good luck, competition ends on July 10 2015, winners will be messaged and announced on Facebook.

American Airline Facebook Scam Post

American Airline Facebook Scam Page

Last updated: August 5, 2015
First published: July 9, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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