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Another ShadowCrew Prank Email

Email claims to be a transaction confirmation message from for three months access to child pornography (Full commentary below.)

Probably another pointless prank

Example:(Submitted via email, 2004) team thanks you for choosing our company best 5 - 7 years old babies, the most uncensored pictures and movies will beautify your collection,

Your access is valid for 3 months.

If you confirm this transaction, please reply to this message and yourmember access will be automatically activated.

If you feel that transaction was made by mistake, please send a message to [email protected] including your credit card information, so we can be sure that the message is from you in real. Thank you again, Team.

It appears that the Shadow Crew website is yet again the target of pranksters. The latest prank email claims to be a transaction confirmation message for three months access to child pornography. Another child porn email supposedly from Shadowcrew was circulating earlier in the year. These emails are quite similar to a prank email that targeted

At face value the email might seem to be a crude phisher scam in that it requests recipients to send credit card information. Some phisher scammers send emails that detail a fictitious credit card charge and provide a link where recipients can supposedly cancel the transaction. The link leads to a bogus website that requests personal information from the user. However, in this case, a simple email address is provided rather than a link, and different email addresses are used in different instances of the prank email. The email addresses point to customer service webpages belonging to AT&T and I can see no obvious connection to the ShadowCrew website.

While it would certainly be very unwise to send sensitive financial information via email, history suggests that this particular email is more likely to be a hoax than a serious phisher scam. Another prank email was directed at the ShadowCrew site earlier in the year. This email also looked like a phisher scam but was in fact a prank designed to discredit

An example of an earlier prank:
From: "Shadow Crew"
Subject: Your card has been billed for $149.95
Your credit card will be billed at $22.95 weekly and free 3 pack of child porn CD is shipping to your billing address.

To cancel your membership and CD pack please email full credit card details to [email protected]

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Write-up by Brett M.Christensen