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'Apple ID Information Updated' Phishing Scam

Email purporting to be from Apple claims that the recipient's Apple ID information was updated. The recipient is urged to click a link and change the account password if her or she believes that the change was in error or was unauthorised.

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Brief Analysis
The email is not from Apple.  It is a phishing scam that tries to trick Apple account holders into submitting their personal and financial information to cybercriminals.

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Subject: Account Info Change


The following information for your Apple ID [email address removed] was updated on 04/11/2013:

Shipping and/or billing address

If these changes were made in error, or if you believe an unauthorised person accessed your account, please reset your account password immediately by going to [link removed].

To review and update your security settings, sign in to [link removed].

This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email. If you need additional help, please visit Apple Support.


Apple Customer Support

Detailed Analysis

This email, which appears to come from large Internet company Apple, claims that the user's Apple ID has been updated. The message claims that shipping and billing address information for the account was changed. According to the message, if the user did not authorise the change, he or she should click a link to update the account password immediately.

However, the email is not from Apple and account details have not been changed as claimed. It is a phishing scam that tries to trick Apple users into divulging their account login details and other personal and financial information. 

Those panicked into clicking the link will be taken to a bogus website designed to resemble an Apple page and asked to login. Next, they will be taken to an online form that asks them to verify account details by providing their contact and ID information and their credit card details.

All of the information provided can be collected by scammers and used for identity theft and credit card fraud. The scammers will also be able to hijack the victim's Apple account and use it for their own criminal purposes.

Like other high-profile Internet companies, Apple is regularly targeted by phishing scammers.  Be wary of any unsolicited message from Apple that claims that you must provide login details and account information by clicking a link or opening an attached file.

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Last updated: November 5, 2013
First published: November 5, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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