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Argos 'Curved TV Giveaway' Survey Scam

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Facebook post claims that retailer Argos is giving away a Samsung curved TV for Christmas and you can enter by sharing and liking the post and clicking a link.

Survey Scam

Brief Analysis

The post is a survey scam and is not connected to Argos. The associated Facebook Page is fraudulent and it is not giving away a curved TV or any other prizes. The link in the post leads to dodgy survey websites that try to trick you into divulging your personal information.


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As you know we're approaching Christmas and we have decided to give away 250 Samsung 65" Ultra 4k HD Curved TV's in time for the holidays.
To enter just Share & Like this photo then go here:
[Link removed]

Competition ends in 48 hours, like our page to keep updated. Good luck.

Curved tv Scam

Detailed Analysis

'Argos' Facebook Post Offers Samsung Curved TV Prize

This widely distributed Facebook post, which supposedly comes from a Facebook Page belonging to retail store Argos, offers you the chance to win an expensive Samsung curved TV just by liking, sharing, and clicking a link.

The post instructs you to like and share a promotional image of the TV and then click a link to enter the draw. It claims that the competition will end in 48 hours and advises you to like the 'Argos' Facebook Page to stay updated.

Post is Not From Argos - Survey Scam

However, the post and Facebook Page are not associated with Argos and there is no prize. The post is a typical survey scam.

If you like and share as instructed and then click the link to enter, you will be taken to a fake Argos webpage that appears to contain an entry form.  However, the form will be greyed out and a popup box will inform you that you must first participate in a survey as a condition of entry.

The offered surveys will claim that you must provide your mobile phone number and name and contact details, ostensibly to go in the draw for further prizes. Often, however, fine print on the page will inform you that by entering, you are actually subscribing to an expensive SMS service that will be charged at several dollars per text message.

And, by entering, you may also be agreeing to have your details shared with third party marketers. Thus, you may begin receiving unwanted and annoying, phone calls, marketing emails and junk mail.

The scammers who create the fake Argos competition will receive commissions every time somebody participates in a survey or provides their contact details. 

And, alas, no matter how many surveys you complete, you will never get to fill in the entry form or get a chance to win the TV. There is no prize.

Many Companies Targeted In Similar Facebook Scams

Survey scams like this one are very common and use the names of many high profile companies around the world.

Be wary of any Facebook post or Page that claims that you must like, share, and fill in online surveys for a chance to win.


Last updated: December 7, 2014
First published: December 7, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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