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Axl Rose is NOT Dead - Star Targeted in Death Hoax Message

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Circulating 'news' report claims that Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has been found dead in his Hollywood home.

Celebrity Death Hoax

Brief Analysis

The claims in the report are false. Axl Rose is alive and well. The bogus report implies that it is from news outlet MSNBC. However, it has no connection to MSNBC. It is designed to trick people into sharing the information so that the bogus site will receive more visitors.


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Sources: Guns N' Roses Frontman Axl Rose Found Dead in West Hollywood Home at Age 52

Sources are reporting that music legend Axl Rose, last remaining original member of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame band Guns N' Roses, has been found dead at the age of 52

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims Axl Rose is Dead

A story that is currently making its way around via social media claims that Axl Rose, frontman of the iconic band Guns N' Roses, has been found dead in his West Hollywood home.

Supposedly, police found the star's body after performing a welfare check.

The story is formatted as a news report and has a website address that implies that the site is part of the MSNBC news network.

Claims are False - Axl Rose is Alive and Well

However, the claims in the story are false. Axl Rose is alive and well.

Axl referenced the death hoax on Twitter, quipping:

'If I'm dead do I still have to pay taxes? '
And, his death was also dismissed as a hoax via an image post on the Guns N' Roses Facebook Page.

Despite the web address, the website that published the story has no connection to MSNBC.

Fake Death Reports Designed to Increase Website Traffic

This fake death report is nothing more than a callous attempt to drive traffic to the bogus website that hosts it. The site pulled a very similar stunt in November 2014 by falsely claiming that actor Macaulay Culkin had been found dead in his home.

Be wary of any celebrity death stories that come your way via social media. Some are hoaxes. Some contain links that open malware or survey scams sites. And, others, like the one discussed here, are designed simply to drive traffic to a particular website or social media page.

If a celebrity really does die, the mainstream media are sure to cover the story extensively. Therefore, a search of an online news portal should quickly reveal if a story about a star's demise is true.

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Last updated: December 5, 2014
First published: December 5, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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