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Facebook Donations For Sharing Hoax - 'Burned Baby Alexandra'

Message claims that Facebook will donate money to help burned baby Alexandra each and every time the baby's image is shared and liked.

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© Karen Roach

Brief Analysis
The claims in the message are lies created by a like-whore with the sole purpose of collecting likes and shares. The image depicts then 13-month-old Isambard Ebbutt, who was badly burned in a September 2008 accident. Since then, Isambard has made a remarkable recovery and is now doing fine. The "Alexandra" reference in the hoax is taken from a much earlier hoax email about a Polish child that was burned in a house fire. Please do not cater to the sick desires of these disgusting like-whores by liking, sharing or commenting on their material.

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Please don't ignore ! 
Facebook is donating every 3$ for each SHARE & 2$ for LIKE .
Come on ppl it takes a few seconds of your time !


Help Burned Baby Alexandra

Baby Alexandra

Detailed Analysis

According to this message, which features a photograph of a baby with a badly burned face, you can help the child just by liking and sharing the picture.  The message claims that Facebook will donate $3 for every share and $2 for every like. The child in the image is identified only as "Baby Alexandra".

However, the claims in the message are despicable lies penned by yet another deplorable Facebook like-whore. Liking or sharing will not help the pictured child in any way whatsoever. This is just one more in an ongoing series of similar sick baby hoaxes. Facebook does not donate money to help sick or injured children in exchange for liking or sharing. Ever! Any message that makes such a claim is sure to be just another disgusting hoax.

Thankfully, the baby in the picture has now made a great recovery from his injuries and is doing well.  Then 13-month-old Isambard Ebbutt sustained horrific burns when he tipped a cup of scalding tea over his face back in September 2008.

The person who created this hoax stole Isambard's picture from a news article about the accident and reused it in the hoax message without the permission or knowledge of the child's family.

Moreover, this like-whore has also included a reference to a much earlier hoax that claimed that forwarding an email would raise funds to help a Polish child named Alexandra, who was burned in a house fire back in June 2005. Alexandra is a real person and she was burned, but money was certainly not donated to aid her recovery in exchange for forwarding her picture.  Alexandra has also reportedly recovered well from her injuries.

Why do people create such hoaxes? Simply to amass likes for their Facebook Pages and drive traffic to their sites by tricking people into sharing their material. Because of their callous and immoral activities, users who create such hoaxes have been given the name  "like-whore" by the Internet community.

These disgraceful individuals have no place on our social networks. Please do not further their aims by liking or sharing their material. And do not comment on their posts either, as that only helps to spread them further.

Facebook has been reprehensibly slow at taking steps to address these horrible hoaxes. The company should be doing far more than it has done to stamp out such activities on its network. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you report such hoaxes to Facebook as at least a few have been taken down in response to reporting.

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Last updated: October 16, 2013
First published: October 16, 2013
Research: Steve Williamson, Brett Christensen
By Brett M. Christensen
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