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'Baby Andrei Needs Help' Facebook Page Donations Scam

Facebook Page asks users to send donations to help Baby Andrei who was born with almost no intestines.

Fraud, scam, cheat and theft

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Brief Analysis
The Page is fraudulent. The case described is real. However, Baby Andrei died back in May 2012. This newly created Page is a disgraceful attempt to trick kind-hearted people into sending their money to scammers.  The information on the bogus Page was stolen from a 2012 news article about Andrei that was published before his death.

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Baby Andrei has confounded doctors just by being alive: The tiny boy with twig-thin limbs was given just days to live when he was born with almost no intestines - eight months ago. Now there's hope for another miracle.



[Bank account details removed]


Baby andrei

Baby Andrei

Detailed Analysis

According to a newly created Facebook Page, Baby Andrei from Rumania needs your help. Posts on the Page and its "About" section explain that Baby Andrei was born with almost no intestines and was not expected to live for more than a few days. But, claims the Page, an operation offered by Harvard University and Boston hospitals may give Baby Andrei new hope of survival. The Page asks people to send money to help the baby and includes bank account details that can be used to make donations.

However, the Page is a despicable scam and any money sent will go straight into the pockets of the morally bankrupt criminals who created it.  The story described on the Page is real. But, sadly, Baby Andrei died back in May 2012 despite valiant efforts to save his life.

The information included on the Page was copied from an April 2012 news article about Andrei. The scammers have simply tacked on the donation request and their bank account details. They have also stolen images of Andrei from various news articles for use on the scam Page.

This is certainly not the first time that scammers have attempted to procure donations under false pretenses. Users should be very cautious of donating money to any cause unless they have thoroughly vetted the fund-raising campaign beforehand.

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Last updated: October 30, 2013
First published: October 30, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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