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Another Facebook Sick Baby Scam - 'Baby With Brain Cancer'

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This widely circulated Facebook message, which features a photograph depicting a baby with a very large growth on the side of her head, asks users to like, comment, and share the image as a means of raising money to help the pictured baby. The post claims that Facebook will donate $1 for every like, $3 for every comment, and $10 for every share.

However, liking, commenting, or sharing the picture will do nothing whatsoever to help this baby.

In fact, the message is just another sick baby scam. Facebook certainly will not donate money to help the child in exchange for liking, commenting, and sharing.

The unscrupulous self-serving users who create such messages do so for no other reason than to collect likes for their Facebook Pages or drive traffic to their websites. The person who created this scam message stole the baby's photograph from another source and reused it without the permission of the baby's parents.

Little Isabel, the baby in the photograph, was suffering from an extremely rare sarcoma tumour. The tumour was removed in April 2012. Although the removal operation was successful, the cancer had spread to the baby's bone marrow and she required chemotherapy. Isabel is likely to face serious and ongoing health issues as a result of the cancer.

Disturbingly, this message is just one in a long line of similar scams that use stolen pictures of sick children. Please do not feed the vile ambitions of the people who create such hoaxes by liking or sharing" their messages. These people are beneath contempt and have no place on Facebook or any other social network.

Often, the unauthorized circulation of such photographs causes great distress to the child's family. Sharing such messages will not help the pictured children in any way.

If one of these hoaxes comes your way, please do not like, share, or comment on it as that will just help to further promote the scam.

You can read more about fighting against these sick baby scams here.



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She Is Suffering From Brain Tumor..!!! Help Her Please
Facebook donate for :
Like : 1 $
Coment : 3 $
Share : 10 $
Ignore = If U Dont Care.. :( :(

Baby Brain Cancer Scam Post

Last updated: August 17, 2015
First published: August 17, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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