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Don't Worry! Beanie Babies are NOT Hatching Spiders

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Circulating report claims that Beanie Baby stuffed toys made in the 90's were filled with spider eggs and that these eggs are finally hatching their horde of baby brown recluse spiders.

Cartoon Spider

Brief Analysis

At first glance, this circulating story and its featured picture may chill the hearts of the spider-challenged everywhere. But, relax, it is just a humour piece from the satirical website ClickHole. Your old stuffed toys are not about to erupt with a mass of terrifying critters anytime soon.



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'90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching!

If you were obsessed with Beanie Babies in the ’90s, get ready to fall in love all over again, because the spider eggs they used to fill your favorite Beanies are beginning to hatch!

Beanie Baby With Spiders Emerging

Detailed Analysis

According to a report that is going viral via social media, your much-loved Beanie Baby toys that you kept from the 90's may have a hidden surprise.

Supposedly, the Beanie Babies were actually filled with spider eggs and these eggs are now beginning to hatch their hordes of baby brown recluse spiders. The report claims that each Beanie Baby was stuffed with around 6000 spider eggs.

The story features a photograph of a Beanie Baby swarming with tiny arachnids.

If you have a fear of spiders, as does this writer, then the story and accompanying image may fill you with a degree of dread.

Report is Untrue - Comes Via Satire Site ClickHole

But, there is no need for trepidation and it is still safe to drag out your old Beanie Babies. Not surprisingly, the story is just a humour piece produced by ClickHole, a satirical and entertainment website fathered by famous online satire site The Onion.

ClickHole includes the following explanation on its About Page:
Let’s be honest: Today, the average website carelessly churns out hundreds of pieces of pandering, misleading content, most of which tragically fall short of going viral. At ClickHole, we refuse to stand for this. We strive to make sure that all of our content panders to and misleads our readers just enough to make it go viral.
So, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Spiders will not be oozing from our stuffed toys anytime soon.

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Last updated: April 23, 2015
First published: November 7, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
About Hoax-Slayer

'90s Kids Rejoice! The Spider Eggs They Used To Fill Beanie Babies Are Finally Hatching!
The Onion
ClickHole - About
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