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Beware Of Ebola Related Scams

Scammers are increasingly using the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa as a cover for launching criminal schemes.

Fake Ebola Charity Requests

Scammers are sending out emails requesting donations to help Ebola ravaged communities or fund research into finding a cure for the virus. The scam emails may falsely claim to be from well-known charities and even include seemingly official charity logos and message formatting.

Victims may be asked to submit their credit card details on bogus websites or via forms contained in email attachments.

The criminals can then use the stolen credit card details to commit fraudulent transactions in the names of their victims.

Funds are desperately needed to fight the Ebola crisis, but it is important to only donate via well-established and well-vetted organizations such as the Red Cross

Fake Cures and Treatments

Scammers are also peddling all manner of useless remedies that they claim can help people prevent getting Ebola and create immunity. Some even claim to have products that will cure the virus.

Health authorities are working as quickly as possible to develop vaccines for the virus. But, as yet, there is no Ebola cure and no remedy that will make people immune to the virus.

The remedies and potions being sold by these unscrupulous vendors will do nothing other than relieve people of their money and steal their credit card details.

Ebola Related Malware

Criminals are also using the Ebola crisis as a means of tricking people into installing malware. They may send out phoney emails claiming that people can read important news updates about the outbreak by clicking a link or opening an attached file.

The websites and attachments contain malware that, once installed, can harvest personal information from the infected computer and connect to servers controlled by criminals.

Unless the messages come from a source you know and trust, be very wary of clicking links or opening attachments in messages claiming to have Ebola related news.

Note there are also an increasing number of silly and sometimes dangerous Ebola related hoaxes circulating.

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Last updated: October 24, 2014
First published: October 24, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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