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Beware of Fake Obamacare Websites

Circulating messages warn users that hundreds of fake health care websites have been created as a means of tricking US citizens into divulging their personal information.

Beware Character Means Caution Dangerous Or Warning

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Brief Analysis
The claims in the warnings are true. Many fake websites have been set up to capitalize on the recent launching of the website. People who provide information on the fake websites may be opening themselves up to identity theft or other types of scam attempts. People wishing to use the site should ensure that they go to the genuine ( website.

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There are over 700 fake Obamacare websites ready to swipe your info.
Pro tip: The real site is the one that doesn't work.

Obamacare Warning

Detailed Analysis

Messages currently circulating via social media and email warn those in the United States that hundreds of fake "Obamacare" or "Healthcare" websites have been set up to trick people into submitting their personal information.

The warnings are valid. An October 24, 2013 NewsMax article notes:
More than 700 fake or misleading websites playing off of the new federal site and the word Obamacare have been created on the Internet by so-called cyber-squatters looking to steal personal information from individuals trying to get healthcare coverage.
If users inadvertently provide personal information on one of the fake websites, they may be opening themselves up to identity theft. In other cases, those operating the fake sites may try to trick people into sending money or downloading malware.

While some of the fake sites may have already been taken down, others may spring up.

To add to the confusion, the genuine website has been plagued with problems since its October 1 launch. Hence the sardonic "Pro tip" included in the above version of the warning message.

But, problems aside, those wanting to use the health care website should ensure that their browser is pointed at the genuine ( website and no other.

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Last updated: October 29, 2013
First published: October 29, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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