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Scammers Capitalize on Nude Celebrity Photo Leak


Online criminals are using publicity surrounding the recent nude celebrity photo leak to trick people into following links that lead to malware or survey scam websites.

Hacker Nude Celebrity Images

Brief Analysis

Do not click social media or email links that promise access to the nude celebrity images. The links may lead to websites that contain malware or try to trick you into participating in survey scams. And, the very act of trying to access the images gives approval to the actions of the unethical people responsible for the attack and unfairly breaches the privacy of the stars involved.


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Nude Celebrity Malware Post

Detailed Analysis

'Celebgate' Background

In late August 2014, nude or semi-nude photographs of more than 100 A-list celebrities began being published online, in an event that the media has dubbed 'Celebgate'.

It remains unclear exactly how this massive breach was achieved and how many hackers are responsible. But, many of the images were apparently stolen from iCloud or other cloud storage accounts compromised via targeted attacks. The FBI is investigating.

Naturally, the privacy breach has caused considerable embarrassment and upset for the targeted celebrities. It has also created a veritable firestorm of media coverage. 'Celebgate'

Scammers Quick to Exploit the Breach

And, online scammers have wasted no time in exploiting this wide spread media coverage.

Some of the scam attempts claim users can view nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence or other stars involved by clicking a link in a social media post. Those who do click the link will be taken to a website that informs them that they must download a browser plugin before they can view the images. But downloading the supposed plugin will install malware on the user's computer.

Other versions may attempt to get people to divulge their personal information via dodgy online surveys by promising access to the compromising celebrity photos.'Celebgate'

Don't Click Links Promising Access to the Nude Celebrity Images

The bottom line? Don't be tempted to click on links that claim to lead to the nude celebrity images.

If the links are scam attempts, you may end up with a malware infection or at the receiving end of unwanted phone calls, text messages, marketing emails and junk mail that you inadvertently 'signed up' for while participating in a bogus online survey. And you will not get to see any of the promised images anyway.

And, if the links really do lead to the nude images, then, by attempting to access them, you are giving tacit approval to the morally bankrupt individuals who hacked the accounts and, of course, fundamentally breaching the privacy of the stars involved.

Caution Sign - Beware of Nude Celebrity Scams


Last updated: September 6, 2014
First published: September 6, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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