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Bleach Ebola Cure Hoax


Circulating social media message claims that drinking or injecting household bleach will cure Ebola and stop you from becoming infected.

Ebola bleach cure

Brief Analysis

The message is a dangerous hoax. Drinking or injecting bleach will certainly not cure Ebola or prevent infection from the deadly virus. And, drinking or injecting bleach can cause serious illness and injury to your body.


Ebola bleach cure

Detailed Analysis

Message Claims Bleach Can Cure Ebola

According to a message that is currently circulating via social media, simple household bleach can cure Ebola and make you immune to the virus. The message advises you to either inject 20 ml of bleach or take 200 ml of bleach orally to clear out 'ALL Ebola in your system and prevent any more getting in'.

Supposedly, the bleach treatment is a secret that 'Big Pharma' does not want us to know.

The message also claims that Ebola is spreading fast around the world with over 7 billion confirmed dead in Africa alone.

Message is a Dangerous Lie - Bleach Will Not Cure Ebola

However, the claims in the message are nonsense. Of course, injecting or drinking bleach will certainly not cure Ebola or give you immunity to the virus. It will do nothing whatsoever to help prevent or cure Ebola.

And, in fact, taking bleach can seriously affect your health. While a small amount of bleach diluted in water may not harm you, drinking or injecting a large amount could significantly damage your body and make you very sick.

The claim that 7 billion people have already died in Africa is obviously absurd given that the entire population of the African continent is only a fraction of that figure.

It is possible that this message began life as an amazingly ill conceived - and decidedly unfunny - joke. However, it is a joke that could turn out to be extremely dangerous. Especially if it reaches vulnerable and fear filled communities ravaged by the Ebola outbreak. Some people in such areas may be frightened and desperate enough to take the spurious advise seriously.

In fact, a similar social media hoax claiming that drinking salt water could prevent Ebola infection has already lead to the deaths of at least two people.

There are a number of Ebola related hoaxes currently circulating. Sharing the misinformation in these fake messages is dangerous and irresponsible. If you receive this or another fake Ebola remedy hoax, please let the sender know that the claims are untrue. And please do not share the hoax with others.

Ebola bleach cure

Last updated: October 20, 2014
First published: October 20, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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