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HOAX - 'U2's Bono Has Ebola'


Circulating report claims that U2's Bono has likely contracted the Ebola virus after caring for a dying Liberian man.

Bono ebola
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Brief Analysis

The claims are false. Bono does not have Ebola. Nor is he sick. The false story was published on the fake-news publication Organ Grinder Magazine and on conspiracy theorists forum Godlike Productions.


U2's Bono has Likely contracted the Ebola Virus

U2 singer, activist and humanitarian has reported that he is exhibiting early symptoms of ebola and has most likely contracted the virus while caring for a dying Liberian man.

Bono ebols hoax

Detailed Analysis

Report Claims Bono Has Ebola

According to a story that is circulating rapidly via Twitter and Facebook, U2 front man Bono is ill and has most likely contracted Ebola after caring for a Liberian man who was dying of the deadly virus.

Many of the circulating social media posts link back to a report on the Organ Grinder Magazine website that offers more details about Bono's supposed illness.

Claims Are False - Bono Does Not Have Ebola

However, the claims in the report are untrue. Bono does not have Ebola, he is not in hospital, and he is not ill.

The image in the report actually depicts Bono in hospital after he underwent surgery for a back injury several years ago.

Organ Grinder Magazine churns out a stream of nonsensical stories disguised as news reports, apparently in a rather lame attempt to be satirical. Nothing published on Organ Grinder Magazine should be taken seriously.

The fake report was also featured on the wacky conspiracy theorists forum Godlike Productions.

Many Ebola Hoaxes Circulating

Ebola is currently receiving a great deal of media attention and pranksters and scammers have been quick to capitalize on this. The fake stories play on fears and concerns raised by the spread of the virus.

In one extreme case, a social media hoax that falsely claimed that drinking salt water could ward off the Ebola virus lead to the deaths of two people and illness among several others.

Another outlandish hoax claimed that an Ebola victim had risen from the dead as a zombie. Still another claimed that people were catching Ebola from iPhone 6 phones that had been contaminated with the virus during manufacture.

Criminals are also getting in on the act by peddling useless Ebola remedies and using Ebola as a cover story for advance fee scams.


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Last updated: October 16, 2014
First published: October 16, 2014
By Brett M. Christensen
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