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Tall Tale Bad Little Boy's Threatening Letter to Santa

Circulating image depicts a clipped newspaper story that claims a boy wrote a letter to Santa in which he threatens to put his sister's kitten in a blender if he does not get a PS4 for Christmas.

Young Cat In A Christmas Hat

© svetas

Brief Analysis
The story is almost certainly fictional. The story comes from the British tabloid newspaper, Sunday Sport, which specializes in publishing ludicrous and fanciful nonsense. Nothing published in the newspaper should be taken seriously and this silly story is no exception.

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PS4 Kitten Blender

Detailed Analysis

An image currently circulating via social media depicts a clipping from a newspaper that tells the story of a naughty little boy named "Damian" who allegedly threatened to put his sister's kitten in a blender if Santa does not bring him a PS4 on Christmas Day.  Supposedly, Damian presented the ultimatum directly to Santa himself via a letter in which he also admits that he has not been good this year and does not intend to start now. The story includes a picture of Damian apparently relaxing with a beer and a cigarette.

However, the story is almost certainly a work of fiction that has simply been made up to shock or entertain. The story originates from "Sunday Sport", a trashy British tabloid that specializes in made up stories and faked pictures presented as news articles along with salacious gossip, and nudity.

And, of course, the picture of Damian is likely posed. The beer can looks unopened and the cigarette does not appear to be lit.

In fact, nothing in Sunday Sport should be taken seriously.  The tabloid is obviously intended purely as entertainment. And the story of young "Damian" is no exception.

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Last updated: December 10, 2013
First published: December 10, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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