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BT Yahoo! Mail 'Classic Version Closing' Phishing Scam

Message purporting to be from BT Yahoo warns recipients that the classic version of the BT Yahoo! email system is closing and users must click a link to upgrade to the new system. Users are warned that their email will no longer work if they fail to upgrade.

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Brief Analysis
The message is a scam. BT Yahoo has rolled out a new system and their Classic Mail has indeed been closed. However, this message is not from BT Yahoo. The "Upgrade" link opens a bogus website designed to trick users into submitting their account login details.

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Bt Yahoo Phishing 2014

Detailed Analysis

This message informs recipients that the Classic BT Yahoo! Mail is being closed and replaced with a new system. The email warns customers that, if they do not click an "Upgrade" link, their email will stop working.

The email is a phishing scam and was not sent by BT. This scam attempts to capitalize on a genuine BT system change that has been implemented in recent months. BT Yahoo! Mail Classic was retired on June 13, 2013 and replaced with a new version. Users of the old system who attempted to login after June 13 were prompted to upgrade.

This latest incarnation of the scam is apparently targeting users who have not yet upgraded and have not used their BT Yahoo account for some time. Those who fall for the ruse and click the upgrade link will be taken to a bogus website that requests their account login details.

Once submitted on the fake site, the login credentials can be collected by criminals and used to hijack real BT Yahoo accounts. The criminals can then use the compromised accounts to send spam and to engage in further scam campaigns.

BT warned customers about the scam attempts via the following information on its website:

You may see emails claiming to be from BT asking to upgrade you to the new version of BT Yahoo! Mail. If you receive an email like this and it's showing an unknown address or 'undisclosed recipients' in the 'To' or 'From' fields, you should delete it straight away. We are upgrading BT Yahoo! Mail but you'll be prompted about this when you log in to your email.

Phishing scammers regularly target users of many different email systems. Be very cautious of any unsolicited email purporting to be from your service provider that claims that you must submit login details due to an upgrade, billing error or other technical issue. It is always safest to login to your online accounts by entering the account web address into your browser address bar.

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Last updated: January 18, 2014
First published: July 30, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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