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Yet Another Deplorable Sick Baby Hoax

Post claims that parents can’t afford treatment for infant injured in car accident, and liking/sharing will equate to donations.

Facebook Sick Baby Hoax


Brief Analysis
As with any and all of these disgusting sick baby hoaxes, neither facebook nor anyone else is donating a single penny, pfennig, centavo or paise towards the child’s medical expenses.  This is just a further evidence of how morally bankrupt the creators of likewhore pages can be.

By David M. White

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This baby was in a horrible Car "Accident" And his Parent's don't have enough money to pay his Treatment so we're sending money to him ! Please don't ignore !

Like = 10$
Share = 15$
please don't ignore if you have a heart </3

Detailed Analysis

The child in the photo is 14 month old Casen Buswell of Puyallup, Washington, USA.   The photo is from a news article done on him when he was 7 months old.  Little Casen has a very rare genetic condition called Glomuvenous Malformations Plaque Type.  And by rare, we mean that there are only 14 known cases on the planet. 

He was not in a car accident, and the only ones getting anything out of that photo being liked or shared is the despicable likewhore who is using Casen’s image for their own benefit.

The Puyallup community has responded generously to Casen’s plight;  the only treatment available for him is from a clinic in Denmark.  There are a number of online donation campaigns for him, as well as local fundraisers being held on a regular basis. 

This sort of hoax is designed for the sole purpose of driving traffic to the page of the contemptible, sub-human trash that creates it.  It is nothing more than an immoral means of increasing likes and shares for their page.
In the words of Hoax-Slayer’s founder, “The immoral individuals who create such hoaxes are beneath contempt. These people have no place on our social networks or within any decent community. Sharing such hoax messages is immoral and irresponsible. And since they do absolutely zero to help the pictured children, sharing these messages is utterly pointless as well.”

As per our usual recommendations, when you come across one of these reprehensible hoaxes, report the image to Facebook.  Please do NOT comment on the photo or the wall where the photo has been posted, as this gives the hoax more unwarranted exposure by putting the offending photo on to the news feeds of your Facebook friends.

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Last updated: May 11, 2013
First published: May 11, 2013
Written and researched by David M. White
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