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Unrelated Image Used - 'Christian Girl Thrown Out Window By Muslim Mob'

Circulating protest message that features a photograph of a woman falling from a building claims that the image was taken last week and depicts a "Christian girl" being deliberately thrown from a window by a Muslim mob.

Deception concept

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Brief Analysis
In November 2013, during unrest in an Egyptian village, a fifteen-year-old Christian girl was injured after reportedly being thrown from a three-story window by angry Muslim residents. However, the photo featured in the messages does not depict this girl.  The image shows a woman who jumped from a fifth story window in Shanghai in 2011. She was not thrown from the window by a Muslim mob or anybody else. The woman reportedly had a mental illness and jumped because she mistakenly believed somebody was trying to hurt her. She survived the fall with no serious injuries.

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Shock Image: Christian Girl Thrown Out Of Window By Muslim Mob

Though oft promoted as a religion of peace by its followers, the actions of many believers in the word of the prophet Muhammad find it perfectly justifiable to kill innocent people based strictly on their religious beliefs.

Detailed Analysis

According to a message currently circulating via social media, an attached image depicts the moment when a 15-year-old Christian girl was thrown out of a window by a Muslim mob. The message links to a longer article on the Before It's News website. The article claims the picture was taken "last week" in an Egyptian village in the Minya province.

The article does describe a real incident, but the picture it uses is totally unrelated.

A November 29, 2013 Associated Press article discussing unrest in Egypt noted:
Meanwhile, Muslim residents of a village in southern Minya province attacked Christian homes, burning 10 houses and wounding 15 Christians, including a 15 year-old girl thrown from the third floor of a building, according to Ezzat Ibrahim, an activist who monitors minority rights.

Ibrahim said the attack was instigated by rumors of a love affair between a local Christian man and a Muslim woman - a factor that can often spark sectarian clashes.

However, the photo used in the Before It's News article does not depict this 15-year-old Egyptian girl, nor was it taken last week in Egypt as claimed.
In fact, the image depicts a woman who jumped from a five-story window in Shanghai in July 2011. A news report about the incident on AsiaOne, noted at the time:

A woman suffering from mental dissociation escaped death after falling from a fifth floor window, thanks to windows and electric wires below, in Shanghai on Thursday.

The incident happened at a residential building in Shanghai's Luwan district about 2:20 pm Thursday, when the woman was spotted crouching from the window on the fifth floor, grabbing the window frame and yelling, "Somebody is going to kill me!" although no one was near her.

Crowds tried to calm her down, but to no avail, as the woman lost her grip on the window and fell straight down.

The Courier Mail also reported on the incident and used the same image featured in the Before It's News article. Other sources show further images depicting the fall.

The woman was not seriously injured. According to the Courier Mail report, the woman had been diagnosed with schizophrenia just days before the incident.

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Last updated: December 4, 2013
First published: December 4, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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Shock Image: Christian Girl Thrown Out Of Window By Muslim Mob
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