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David Jason is NOT Dead - Actor Targeted in Poor Taste Prank

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According to a post that is circulating via social media, much loved English actor David Jason has died of a heart attack. The post, which appears to come from a news website, includes a photograph of David along with the clickable headline, 'David Jason OBE Dead At The Age Of 75'.

However, David Jason is not dead. The post is nothing more that a poor taste prank. If you click on the post in the belief that you can view a news article about the star's demise, you will instead be taken to a webpage that informs you that 'you've been pranked' (see screenshot at bottom of article).

The page invites you to share the David Jason death prank with your friends, or, alternatively, create a prank of your own. Apparently, some people think that falsely claiming that somebody has died is amusing, and a fun way to prank their friends.

Of course, people who do click the link will immediately understand that the post is just a silly joke. However, many people tend to pass on such posts without actually clicking the link to visit the source page. Sometimes, they may even omit the original post and create their own 'R.I.P.' message mourning the targeted celebrity's supposed demise. Thus, these prank celebrity death rumours can spread rapidly across the interwebs duping fans as they travel.

If a celebrity really does die, his or her passing will be covered extensively via mainstream media. So, checking if a circulating celebrity death post is true is as easy as jumping onto Google News and doing a quick search on the celebrity's name.



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Last updated: September 10, 2015
First published: September 10, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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