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Scam Facebook Event Uses Free Delta Airline Tickets As Bait

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According to a 'Fly Delta' Facebook Event that is currently being promoted across the network, you can get two free Delta airline tickets by joining the event, inviting 300 people, adding a comment, and clicking a 'Find Tickets' link.

The Event post claims that the free tickets will be sent out 2 business days after participation and that each participant can fly up to 600 miles at no cost.

However, the Event has no connection to Delta Air Lines and no air tickets are being given away.

Instead, the event is a scam designed to trick you into submitting your personal information on dodgy survey websites.

By joining the event and inviting your friends as instructed, you are effectively promoting the scam to a much wider audience and helping those responsible gain a much larger number of potential victims. Commenting on the Event page also helps to promote it.

And, when you click the 'Find Tickets' link you will be taken to a fake 'Delta Air' webpage that claims that you must complete one 'offer' to unlock your free tickets (see screenshot below).

When you click the 'Confirm Tickets' button, links to several 'offers' will appear. Clicking these links takes you to various websites that claim that you can win prizes by providing your name and contact details via an online survey or offer.

However, the information you provide will be shared with third-party marketers and you may begin receiving unwanted marketing phone calls, emails, and surface letters.

In some cases, the survey or offer may ask for your mobile phone number. However, fine-print on the page will state that - by submitting your number - you are actually subscribing to an SMS 'club' that will charge you several dollars for every message they send you.

And, the scammers who created the bogus Event will earn affiliate commissions every time someone participates in an offer or survey.

Alas, no matter how many surveys or offers you participate in, you will never receive any free airline tickets.

Survey scams are very common on Facebook. Scammers more commonly use Facebook Pages to perpetrate such scams. However, they are increasingly using Facebook Events as well. Be cautious of any Facebook Event that claims that you can win expensive prizes just by joining, inviting your friends, and participating in a survey or offer.



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"This week ONLY" Delta will be giving away more than 3000 airline tickets to celebrate 45 years of being one of the TOP airline providers in the United States.

To qualify for your 2 tickets you will simply follow the steps below. PLEASE NOTE: If you skip any steps you will not receive your tickets and you will also lose place in line.

1. JOIN this event

2. Invite Friends
- Invite 150 = 1 ticket
- Invite 300 = 2 tickets

3. Say Thanks, I Love Delta below

**Tickets are sent out 2 business days after Participation**
**Each participant has up to 600 miles to fly at NO COST**

Fake Fly Delta Facebook Event

Fake Delta confirm tickets page

Last updated: April 20, 2015
First published: April 20, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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