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Delta Airlines 'Trip of a Lifetime' Like-Farming Scam

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'Delta Airlines' Post Offers 'Trip of a Lifetime' Prize

According to a post currently being shared on Facebook, Delta Airlines wants to 'award its fans with a trip of a lifetime'. Supposedly, users who share, like, and comment on the post can go in the draw to win a box containing 5 tickets to a location of their choice along with $2300 in cash. The post claims that winners will be announced on a specified date.

The prize post comes from a Facebook Page named 'Delta-Airlines.' Note that the dash between the words and the period at the end form part of the Facebook Page's title.

Post and Page are Fake: Like-Farming Scam

However, the post is a scam. The post and the associated Facebook Page have no connection to Delta and no 'trip of a lifetime' prize boxes are being given away.

This is yet another airline related Facebook scam designed to trick you into liking the post and Page and spreading the scam further via shares and comments.

Why would scammers want you to do this? Because a Facebook Page with a high number of likes can be a quite valuable commodity.

In many cases, after the fake Page has become popular and has accumulated many new likes, it will be used to launch survey scams. For example, a second prize post may be created that also promises free tickets. But, this time, participants will be required to visit a third-party website and fill in surveys or offers as a condition of entry. Again, there will be no prize. But, users will be tricked into submitting their personal information on the dodgy survey sites and the criminals will earn affiliate fees each time they do so.

Or, alternatively, the fake Page may be sold on the black market to other scammers who will repurpose them to further their own goals. The more likes a Page has, the higher the prize it can command on the black market.

Many fake Facebook Pages use periods or other punctuation marks to allow them to create Page names similar to the names of their targeted companies. For example, some users will not even notice a period at the end of a Page name and just assume that the Page is genuine.

In fact, the real Delta Facebook Page is simply named 'Delta' and features the blue Facebook 'Verified Page' icon.

Like-Farming and Survey Scams Very Common

Like-farming and survey scams continue to be very common on Facebook. Be wary of any post or Page that promises expensive prizes such as airline tickets just for liking, sharing, or filling in surveys. Don't be fooled! If you encounter such a post or Page, don't like, share or comment, and don't click any links it contains.



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We want to award our fans with a trip of a lifetime to a Location of your choice.
Each box contains 5 tickets and $2300 in cash.
Share, Like & Comment Thank You below.
Winners will be announced on 24th June.

Delta Airlines Like-Farming Scam

Delta Airlines Scam Facebook Page

Last updated: June 24, 2015
First published: June 24, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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