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Image of Dog Heads On Supermarket Shelf


Message that features an image of what appears to show plastic wrapped dog heads displayed on a supermarket shelf claims that the Chinese have applied to have frozen dog heads imported for human consumption. Another version claims that the picture shows dog heads for sale in a Shoprite Shopping Mall in a Nigerian state.

Brief Analysis

Dog meat is eaten in some Asian nations and Nigeria. However, the claims in the messages remain unsubstantiated pending further investigation.  The image appears on the account of flickr user shakmati, who states that it was taken in a Seoul, South Korean supermarket in May 2013.


Chinese have applied to start importing frozen Dog heads for their consumption, is this right and are you "OK" with it being in supermarkets?

Dog Head 1

Here is a picture of dog meat and dog head found in Shoprite Shopping Mall in a particular state of the country. 
This is going to be a delight for a particular tribe, especially the prospect of using it to prepare dog pepper soup.

Dog Head 2

Detailed Analysis

A message currently circulating on Facebook features an image of what appears to be dog heads professionally packaged and displayed on a supermarket shelf, apparently for human consumption. The message warns that the heads may be "coming to a supermarket near you soon". It claims that the Chinese are going to start importing frozen dog heads for their consumption.

Another, mainly blog driven, version that features the same image claims that the picture shows dog meat and dog heads for sale in a Shoprite Shopping Mall in a particular state in Nigeria.

At the time of writing, the claims in the messages remain unsubstantiated. However, it appears that the image may have been taken for use in the messages from the photostream of a flickr user named shakmati. The caption on the flickr image claims that the picture depicts "Dog heads and meat for sale in a major supermarket in seoul, south korea".

I have contacted shakmati in the hope of finding out more about the circumstances in which the photo was taken and I am awaiting a reply.  

People in South Korea and other Asian nations do eat dogs, although there are considerable misconceptions about the practise.  The Ask A Korean blog has published a long and insightful discussion on the issue.

Dog meat is also eaten in some areas of Nigeria. Dog meat is thought by some Nigerians to cure malaria and improve sex life.

Last updated: August 9, 2013
First published: August 9, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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