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PRANK - 'Eastenders to be Axed after 29 Years'


Circulating Facebook message claims that popular BBC show 'Eastenders' is set to be axed.

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Brief Analysis

The message is just a prank. Many users are apparently sharing the post without clicking the link. Those who do click the link in the post will receive a 'You Got Owned' message. The message comes via a website that allows users to create pranks and share them with friends. The BBC has not announced any plans to axe the show.


'Eastenders to be Axed after 29 Years'

It has been announced that the famous BBC Soap will not be continued after this year, Cast members are sad to be leaving the square!

Eastenders Axed Prank

Detailed Analysis

Message Claims Eastenders to be Axed:

According to a post going viral via Facebook, popular British soap 'Eastenders' is set to be axed after gracing TV screens for 29 years. The message features a picture depicting the cast of the show and includes a link that ostensibly leads to more information about the axing.

Message is a Prank:

However, fans can heave a sigh of relief. The show is not about to be axed as claimed. The message is just a prank. A lot of users share such posts without clicking the links they contain or doing any fact checking.

Those who do click the link will be directed to a website that displays the following 'You Got Owned' message:
Eastenders Axed Prank

Site Allows Users to Create Their Own Pranks:

The prank comes via the website The site allows users to create a prank message and then post it to Facebook using a disguised URL that doesn't give the game away too early.

Use Caution When Clicking Links:

While this particular message is just a prank and relatively harmless, some 'celebrity news' Facebook posts are more malicious and may point to survey scams, rogue apps, or malware websites. Use caution and common sense when clicking links in 'celebrity news' posts.

Check Before Sharing:

Mainstream news outlets love stories about celebrities and popular culture. So, any claims about such topics can usually be verified in short order by searching on a news aggregator service such as Google News. It is wise to check circulating celebrity news stories before you share them.

Last updated: June 11, 2014
First published: June 11, 2014
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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