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Easter Island Statues Have Bodies

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Circulating message claims that the famous stone statues of Easter Island are not just heads but also have bodies buried beneath the surface.

Brief Analysis

The claims in the message are true and the photos are genuine. The statues do indeed have bodies as well as heads. In fact, this has been well known for many years. Recent excavations of the statues by the Easter Island Statue Project has revealed even more information about the statue bodies and is the source of the circulating photographs.



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Subject: The Stone Statues in Easter Island have bodies !

This is absolutely incredible. Here we've been thinking for all these years that they were just heads. They are going to be absolutely huge when they are completely excavated. It all just adds to the mystery of these amazing sculptures. Maybe now they can get more information about them seeing as they have writings on them.

The Stone Statues in Easter Island have bodies !

Easter Island Statues

Easter Island Statues Dig

Easter Island Statue Body

Easter Island Statues Body

Detailed Analysis

This message, which circulates via email and social media posts, claims that the iconic stone statues of Easter Island are not just giant heads but actually have large bodies buried beneath the surface. To back up the claim, the message features a series of photographs showing excavated statues complete with giant subsurface bodies.

The claims in the message are true and the photographs are genuine. The famous Moai do indeed have bodies. A May 15 2012 Yahoo news report about the statues notes:

When most people think of the renowned monolithic statues, they think of the heads only. But in October 2011, the Easter Island Statue Project began its Season V expedition, revealing remarkable photos showing that the bodies of the statues go far deeper underground than just about anyone had imagined.

The excavations have also revealed new petroglyph writings on the bodies of the statues.

However, while Easter Island Statue Project excavations have certainly revealed much more about the statues and their bodies, the fact that they were not just heads has been known for centuries. In fact, many photographs of the statues show both heads and bodies above ground.



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Last updated: July 28, 2015
First published: 28 June, 2012
Article written by Brett M. Christensen
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Wikipedia - Moai
Easter Island statues have full bodies and contain ancient petroglyphs
Easter Island Statue Project - Field Season IV

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