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Eddie Gibson is Missing - Email Forward

Email claims that 20-year-old Eddie Gibson is missing after last being seen in Cambodia in October 2004 (Full commentary below.)


Example:(Submitted, April 2005)
Subject : Missing gap year student

Please help.

Eddie Gibson is 20 years old. He travelled to Vietnam during his "gap year". He has subsequently gone missing.


He was last heard of in November 2004. The British Embassy in Phnom Penn have all but given up hope of his safe return. However his Mother has, quite rightly, not given up. She lives in the hope that some positive information as to Eddie's whereabouts will appear. You may not know people in the Far East, or even your contacts, or even their contacts but as the chain develops it WILL find its way to the Far East and then we may start to see results.

Please help Eddie's mother, Jo Clarke, by sending this on, NOW, to as many people as possible. Dont be judgmental and assume this won't it , you have nothing to lose but Jo Clarke does, her much loved 20 year old son. Lets help find him

Eddie Gibson

The information in this email is true. According to the British Embassy Phnom Penh website, Edward James Gibson has been missing since late 2004 and was last known to be in Cambodia. Eddie has also gone by the name of Mickey Dellar while travelling in Asia. Eddie’s family has not heard from him since the 24th October 2004.

It is not known if Eddie has met with foul play, or simply decided to disappear for a while. For more in-depth information about this mystery, access Missing Brit mystery in Cambodia, a BBC article from April 2005.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Eddie Gibson, please use the contact details available on the Eddie Gibson website, or on the British Embassy Phnom Penh web page. Email is a quite powerful means of spreading information, and it is possible that this email forward might ultimately be of some help in solving this mystery.

Let us hope that this case has a positive outcome and that young Eddie is located safe and well.

However, before forwarding an email such as this one, it is worthwhile to check the status of the case. Some, such as the Penny Brown email are hoaxes. In other instances, such as the case of tsunami victim Sophia Michl, the email continues to circulate pointlessly long after the case has been resolved. A small amount of time spent searching the Internet is often all that is required to check the veracity of an email message such as this one. Searching an online news source such as Google News will often provide information about the current status of a missing person.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen