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Catagories - Internet Hoaxes

  • Bogus Warnings - False Alert Hoaxes
    Email and social media messages that spread false or misleading information about companies, people, animals, products, or software.

  • Virus Hoaxes
    Circulating email and social media messages that contain false or misleading information about supposed virus threats.

  • Hacker Hoaxes - False Security Warnings
    False alerts and advisories about hackers and other computer security issues.

  • Giveaway Hoaxes
    Email, social media posts, and websites that falsely claim that vouchers, prizes, or sums of money are being given away.

  • Sick Baby Hoaxes - Charity Hoaxes
    Email and social media posts that falsely claim that money will be donated in exchange for forwarding, liking, or sharing.

  • Missing Child Hoaxes
    Circulating messages that falsely claim that a child is missing.

  • Funny Hoaxes
    Messages that were originally intended as jokes or humour pieces but have attained hoax status over time.

  • Fake Images and Videos
    Images and videos that have been digitally manipulated or altered to depict imaginary things or to convey false information.

  • Petitions and Protests
    False, inaccurate, or misleading messages that protest against various organisations, government departments, or individuals. Some are presented as petitions that ask recipients to 'sign' and pass them on.

  • Chain Letters
    Email and social media messages that predict dire consequences for people who 'break the chain' and do not share them with others.

  • Health and Medical Hoaxes
    Circulating messages that contain false, misleading, or inaccurate information about health and medical issues.

  • Death Hoaxes
    Hoaxes that falsely claim that famous - or infamous - people have died. Some such messages contain malicious links.

  • Celebrity Hoaxes
    Hoaxes about the supposed activities or unexpected demise of famous people.

  • Prank Messages - Malicious Hoaxes
    Prank and satirical messages that spread misinformation and sometimes raise fear and alarm.

  • Animal Hoaxes
    Hoaxes related to animals, including pets and farm animals as well as wild animals.

  • Politics
    Political hoaxes, diatribes and opinion pieces

Catagories - Internet Hoaxes