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Facebook Releases New Security Checkup Tool

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Facebook has released a new Security Checkup tool that allows you to perform a quick security audit of your account. The tool is currently available via desktop only, but Facebook promises that it will be coming to mobile soon.

The checkup comprises three simple steps.

The first step allows you to logout of browsers or apps that you have not used in more than a month.

The second step allows you to get alerts via Facebook Notifications or email if somebody else tries to login to your account.

The third step provides password tips and allows you to easily change your password if required.

Over the coming weeks, you may see a message about the Security Checkup tool at the top of your NewsFeed. But, you can access the tool at any time by visiting the Security Checkup page.

The tool offers a quick and easy way of checking and enhancing your Facebook account security. You can also access and change account security options via the Security tab in Account Settings.

Facebook Secuity Checkup Tool



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Last updated: August 5, 2015
First published: August 5, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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