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'FacebookPremium' Prank Messages Cause Confusion

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A post circulating via Facebook has been causing a degree of confusion among some users. The post features a grey image that includes the words 'This Photo only viewable by FacebookPremium® Users'.

The current version of the post has ridden on the back of an absurd hoax message that claimed that Facebook was about to start charging users to keep their information private.

But, the message is just a prank. The grey box does not hide an image that is only available to 'Premium' users. There is no 'FacebookPremium®'.

Other pranksters ran with the idea and began posting comments such as 'This comment only viewable by FacebookPremium Users'.

So, FacebookPremium is just a silly prank and nothing you need be concerned about.

In fact, such pranks are nothing new. Other, equally false versions have promised FacebookPlatinum or Facebook Gold accounts. And, the same pranks have been used to target members of other social networks and websites.

Do keep in mind however, that similar tactics have been used in the past to trick Facebookers into divulging their login details via phishing websites.



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FacebookPremium Prank Post

Last updated: October 2, 2015
First published: October 2, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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