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Fake-News Report Claims NASA has Predicted 15 Days of Darkness in November 2015

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According to a 'news' report currently circulating via social media, NASA has confirmed that Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness between November 15 and November 29, 2015. Supposedly, the event, which the report claims has not happened for more than 1 million years, will be caused by 'another astronomical event' involving Venus and Jupiter.

But, of course, the claims in the report are fanciful nonsense. No such blackout will occur and the event has not been confirmed by NASA or any other scientific organization. And, in fact, the fake report is just a regurgitated version of earlier hoax messages. In 2012, several circulating messages falsely claimed that NASA had predicted three days of total blackout in December of that year. In 2014, updated versions of the hoax had NASA predicting 6 days of darkness in December, 2014 and July 2015.

And, the latest version ups the predicted days of darkness to 15. Thus, it seems that new variants of this absurd hoax are set to keep reappearing.

After the first incarnation of the hoax went viral in 2012, NASA published the following notes on its website:
Q: Is NASA predicting a "total blackout" of Earth on Dec. 23 to Dec. 25?

A: Absolutely not. Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization is predicting such a blackout. The false reports on this issue claim that some sort of "alignment of the Universe" will cause a blackout. There is no such alignment (see next question). Some versions of this rumor cite an emergency preparedness message from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. This is simply a message encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies, recorded as part of a wider government preparedness campaign. It never mentions a blackout.

Q: Could planets align in a way that impacts Earth?

A: There are no planetary alignments in the next few decades and even if these alignments were to occur, their effects on the Earth would be negligible. One major alignment occurred in 1962, for example, and two others happened during 1982 and 2000. Each December the Earth and sun align with the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence.

The 15 day version of the false story has been published on various fake-news websites, including a site called NewsWatch33 that churns out an ongoing stream of nonsense gussied up as news.

It is wise to verify any strange or unusual news stories that come your way before you share them on your networks. A quick search on a news portal such as Google News will usually determine if a circulating story is true. Of course, if a monumental event such as 15 days of total darkness was really set to occur, it would be the subject of a great many news reports all around the world.



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NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness in November 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. (NEWSWATCH33) NASA has confirmed that the Earth will experience 15 days of total darkness between November 15 and November 29, 2015. The event, according to NASA, hasn't occurred in over 1 Million years. Astronomers from NASA have indicated that the world will remain in complete darkness starting on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at 3 a.m. and will end on Monday, November 30, 2015 at 4:15 p.m.

NASA 15 Days of Darkness Fake-News Report


Last updated: August 21, 2015
First published: August 21, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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