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Fake-News: 'Cloned Prehistoric Owl Plucks Out Scientist's Eyeballs'

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A circulating 'news' report claims that scientists in Brazil have successfully cloned an extinct prehistoric owl using DNA from remains found in a cave. But, claims the report, things took a tragic turn when the owl attacked one of the scientists, gouging out his eyes and rendering him permanently blind.

However, the claims in the report are utter nonsense. No prehistoric owl has been cloned in Brazil or anywhere else nor has such a resurrected creature injured any scientist.

The bird pictured in the report is a Potoo, a rather unusual creature but certainly not a member of a prehistoric species that has been cloned back into existence.

The same Potoo images have been posted to many other blogs and forums with no claim that they represent a cloned prehistoric owl. Captions that come with the photographs claim that the shots were taken in Venezuela.

The fake report was published on the 'social news and entertainment' website The same story was also published on DailyBuzzLive, a very similar 'entertainment' website.

Ornimegalonyx, the species mentioned in the fake report was indeed a species of owl that became extinct long ago. However, the owl did not look like the bird in the circulating images.

For the record, the Fogarty International Center is an organization associated with America's National Institutes of Health and plays no role in cloning prehistoric birds.

A lot of utter nonsense tricked up as news circulates via social media. It is wise to verify any unusual 'news' reports that come your way before you share them or click any links that they contain.



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Prehistoric Owl Successfully Cloned In Brazil – Plucks Out Scientists Eyeballs In Attack.

As scientists continue to play with mother nature, they are unearthing specimens from the past that could very well endanger our environment.

So is the case with this prehistoric owl that has been cloned by scientists in Brazil.

Fake News Cloned Owl Hoax


Last updated: March 25, 2015
First published: March 25, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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A very bizarre bird was photographed in Venezuela recently
Prehistoric Owl Successfully Cloned In Brazil – Plucks Out Scientists Eyeballs In Attack
DailyBuzzLive Report
Ornimegalonyx Fogarty International Center
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