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Fake Tsunami Photo

Email forward claims that an attached photo depicts the Asian tsunami about to engulf a city (Full commentary below.)


Example:(Submitted, January 2005):
Subject: FW: Tsunami @ Indonesia WHAT A PICTURE.......IT IS SO HARD TO IMAGINE!!!

Fake Tsunami Image
[Click image for full size view]

A number of people who have submitted this email and picture have wondered why they have not seen such a graphic portrayal of the tsunami in newspapers and magazines. If real, such an image would surely be featured in print publications and on news websites the world over.

Of course, the reason why the image has not made it to legitimate news media is that it is a fake.

Reasons why the image can be dismissed as a forgery:

The image is most probably a photograph of a real city skyline manipulated to include the towering "tsunami".

Although clearly a fake, the image is certainly an eye-catching one. Never the less, with so many real images of the tsunami available, there is no need to pass around a blatant forgery.

Write-up by Brett M.Christensen