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Fake Water Bottles Airport Drug Smuggling Warning

Message warns people not to hold or carry items such as water bottles for other people when in airports because the items may contain illicit drugs. The message claims that fake water bottles have been used to smuggle drugs and includes a video showing such a bottle.


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Brief Analysis
The warning is worth heeding. Drug couriers and users have indeed used fake water bottles to conceal illicit drugs. In fact, criminals use many clever methods of smuggling drugs across borders. And innocent people have certainly been tricked into carrying drugs for criminals. Many border security and travel advisories warn people not to carry items for other people at airports and border crossings.

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At Airport, Never Help Anybody By Holding Even For A Short Time, His Or Her Water Bottle Or Anything else. 

This warning has come from an officer (a close friend) working at the airport. If you happen to buy a water bottle at the airport, please check the bottle. 
Beware of fake water bottles. 

Be careful !!!! At the airport or close to any customs service, never accept or help somebody to hold his/her bottle of water or other objects, even for an elderly person or a pregnant woman, You could be arrested for cocaine or illegal drugs possession. In Singapore/Dubai, that means the Death Penalty !! Tell them to put the item on the floor or at any other place... 
Watch this attached video/clipping by the US Customs, to understand. (Cocaine dealers are very smart)

Detailed Analysis

According to a warning message that is currently circulating via social media, travellers should never agree to carry water bottles or other items for another person when at airports. The message explains that criminals have used fake water bottles as a means of moving illicit drugs across borders. It suggests that, if you agree to carry an item such as a water bottle that contains drugs, and the concealment is discovered by border security, you could be charged with possession and face very serious legal consequences. The message features a video showing a fake water bottle and its concealed payload.

It is unclear how often criminals use the specific tactic described in the message. Nevertheless, the warning is certainly worth heeding. Criminals do use many and varied methods of moving drugs across borders. And, canny criminals have indeed tricked people into carrying illicit items through customs for them. Some of those duped have been caught and charged.

In fact, travel advisories and airport security staff around the world regularly warn people to never carry items for others and never leave their luggage unattended.

While the message suggests that the video was made by US customs, its exact origin is unclear. The video was added to the YouTube channel of an organization called the Center for Immigration Studies in February 2010. The video's description suggests that it shows a method by which drugs are smuggled from Mexico to the United States.  Another of the fake plastic bottles is shown in a news video that discusses ways in which teenagers conceal drugs.

The bottom line? Use caution and common sense when travelling. If a stranger or even an acquaintance or casual friend that you are travelling with asks you to carry ANY item across a border, be extremely cautious.  And keep a close eye on your luggage and carry on bags as well.

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Last updated: October 9, 2013
First published: October 9, 2013
By Brett M. Christensen
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