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'I'm Not Asking You to Like This' - Yet Another Sick Baby Donations For Sharing Hoax

Facebook message featuring an image of a severely malnourished child claims that Facebook will donate $1 every time the image is shared on the network.



Brief Analysis
The message is a disgraceful hoax designed to promote a particular Facebook Page. Facebook will NOT donate money to help the pictured child when ever the picture is shared. This is just one more in a long series of hoaxes that use pictures of real children stolen from other sources. Any message that claims that a company will donate money to help a sick child in exchange for liking or sharing an image is sure to be a hoax. Do not cater to the sick desires of the morally bankrupt people who create these hoaxes by liking and sharing their material

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Facebook Donate $1 Sick Child Hoax



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Detailed Analysis
This message, which features a picture of a young child who is terribly malnourished, claims that Facebook will donate $1 to help such children each and every time the image is shared on Facebook.

However, the claim in the message is a heinous lie. Facebook will certainly not donate money to help this child or any other just because users share a picture. The message is just one more in a long series of similar hoaxes that falsely claim that Facebook or another entity will donate money to help sick or injured children in exchange for sharing or liking their pictures. These nasty hoaxes typically use pictures of real children stolen from other sources. In this case, the image was taken from a 2011 report published on The Punch and depicts then 7 month old Mihag Gedi Farah. Often, the unauthorized circulation of such images causes great distress to the family and friends of the pictured children.

In this example, the hoax is apparently designed to drive traffic to a particular Facebook page that claims to be intent on "helping people in need". In fact, the hoaxes are nothing more than callous attempts to amass likes and shares for Facebook Pages or increase traffic to particular websites.

Any message that claims that Facebook - or another company - will donate money to help a sick or injured child just for sharing or liking his or her image is certain to be a hoax.

The immoral individuals who create such hoaxes are beneath contempt. These people have no place on our social networks or within any decent community. Sharing such hoax messages is immoral and irresponsible. And since they do absolutely zero to help the pictured children, sharing these messages is utterly pointless as well. 

If you encounter one of these hoax messages, PLEASE do not share it with others. Instead, report the image to Facebook. Please do NOT comment on the photo or the wall where the photo has been posted, as this gives the hoax more unwarranted exposure because it puts the offending photo on to the news feeds of your Facebook friends. 

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Last updated: May 7, 2013
First published: May 7, 2013
Research: David White, Brett Christensen
Written by Brett M. Christensen
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