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Fake FedEx 'Shipment Notification' Email Contains Malware

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According to this email, which claims to be a shipment notification from delivery company FedEx, you can view a tracking update by opening an attached file. Supposedly, FedEx sent the email in response to a request for a tracking update.

However, the email is not from FedEx and the attachment does not contain parcel tracking information.

In fact, the attachment contains malware. The attached .zip file contains a .exe file that, if opened, can install the malware on your computer. The exact type of malware installed may vary. Typically, however, such malware can download further malware, steal sensitive information such as account passwords, and allow online criminals to access and control the infected computer.

The FedEx name has been used in a number of malware campaigns in recent years. Other versions of the malware email try to trick people into opening an attachment by claiming that the delivery of a parcel has failed due to an incorrect address. The scam messages instruct recipient to print a mailing label contained in the attached file. However, as in this version, the attachment contains malware.

Similar malware campaigns have used the names of other well known delivery companies, including USP, USPS, and TNT.

Be wary of any unsolicited email that purports to be from a delivery company and claims that you can access information about a parcel delivery by opening an attachment or clicking a link.



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Subject: FedEx Shipment Notification

This tracking update has been requested and attached to this email


Reference information includes: Invoice number, Reference, Special handling/Services, Residential Delivery. Reference information is attached to this email.

Tracking number: 697372580339

To learn more about FedEx Express, please visit our website at

This tracking update has been sent to you by FedEx on the behalf of the Requestor noted above. FedEx does not validate the authenticity of the requestor and does not validate, guarantee or warrant the authenticity of the request, the requestor's message, or the accuracy of this tracking update. For tracking results and's terms of use, go to

Thank you for your business.

Attachment: contains FedEx_report_update_ref.06346552.exe

Malware Email Arriving

Last updated: August 28, 2015
First published: August 28, 2015
By Brett M. Christensen
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